January 5, 2023

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2022 was our first fully modded year!

Go us! What a doozy it was. 2021 and early 2022 our main focus was to secure the PVE status as much as possible. We didn't want anyone coming in and ruining your fun! Then the focus was adding great content that we hoped you have enjoyed.

In fact January is our 2nd Birthwipe! The server started in Jan 2021 as a safe haven away from all of that toxic pvp and the even scarier - REAL WORLD. In December 2021 we went modded which helped give T some peace of mind and a tiny bit of sanity back after working hard on a vanilla PVE server for a year. Running a PVE server, unprotected, is hell. Don't try it. Seriously. The decision of going modded wasn't an easy one because T had to let go of her baby but for the sake of her health, it needed to be done - who has 6000 hours in a game within a year?!).

Sunset Valley has had a few mods coming, some more visible than others but everyone always eager to lend a helping hand. After 6 months of being modded, T decided to remove [MODSQUAD] - there was simply not much modding left to do. However there was one mod left that had been standing by her side and supported, helped and guided her throughout all of this and he finally got to claim the title he more than deserved.

Enough of the history lesson and trip down memory lane though, you're here to inhale content. So sit back, switch on your horse head lights with (/hhl) and let's take a look back through what we've added through the year:

SV Branding & Aesthics

Exciting Events for you

Keeping you safe

New functionality

Quality of Life

  • Backpacks to bring out your inner grub
  • Box Stacking because it's sexy AF to have them stacked
  • Stacking UI because it's sexy AF to have them stacked...oh wait. Fuck.
  • Dance because every day's a party and just twerk it baby
  • Automated Workcarts so you can get from A to B
  • Radio Station Manager to be able to add a Christmas radio station and others you may want!


  • [CLINGY] and [UPVOTED] titles to reward most active time played in game and players who gets the most votes.

With that in mind Congrats to December's players:

  • [UPVOTED] DietGrapeUK and Itachi for voting for our server the most
  • [CLINGY] CaptainDeadpool for topping the active playtime table
Feel lost on what to do? Or just want a friendly reminder of some of the mechanics? Let us know in discord and we'll help out! If enough people need help, we can also put together some tutorials to guide you through the server's basic functionality


We know what you're like, you want to know the good stuff coming right? What changes have been made? What can you expect in Jan wipe? During the Christmas break we've managed to work on a number of our pet projects and have been in conversations with a number of developers to see changes we'd like to see happen in their plugins. While these may not be immediately apparent today, you can certainly expect more coming in following months.

Jan Wipe

  • 🆕 SV Nature: Drops Enabled
  • 🆕 Skill Tree: XP Drops Enabled
  • 🛠 22 plugin updates to keep functionality up to date and as expected
  • 🔁 Raidme: Gigachad and Zerg Rewards swapped
  • 🔁 Raidme: Gigachad and Zerg Costs swapped
  • ⏬ Raidme: Gigachad difficulty decreased
  • 🚫 Player Challenges: Grinch
  • 🚫 Player Challenges: True Blood
  • 🆕 jbCraft: Blue Keycards
  • 🆕 jbCraft: Red Keycards
  • 🆕 jbCraft: 40mm HE Grenade Launcher Ammo

December Wipe

For those of you that are returning from November, here are a few new things that you may have missed out on. Feel free to ask us in-game or on our Discord for details if you can't find it on a blog post.

  • 🆕 jbCraft: UI for stacking
  • 🆕 jbCraft: New Items added to /craft menu
  • 🆕 jbCraft: Stack button in the SV Menu
  • 🛠 PVP Event: You can now enter without losing your SV Tiered Items
  • 🛠 Furnace Splitter: Fixed for those with perm
  • 🛠 Battlepass: Mission of the Day should now increment
  • 🆕 Event: Greta's Goblins
  • 🆕 Event: Sunset Valley Power
  • 🆕 Event: Sunset Valley Space Ship
  • 🆕 Player Challenges: Titles...a lot of them
  • 🆕 Player Challenges: UI overhaul

I think a couple of the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted SV Nature and Skill Tree XP drops? So wtf are they and what do they do?

SV Nature

For those of you that want an RP base beyond RP bases, you'll soon find extra loot popping up in places on your farming runs.

You'll receive a notification like the one above and a new item will appear in your inventory to place in the world. If you don't like what you've placed then you can pick it up with any old hammer using the middle mouse button.

Then you can sit back with your little wolfie and enjoy your beach side resort sipping on your Pure Scrap Tea.

XP Drops

One could be led to believe that this is a normal crate with amazing loot. I mean it still is an amazing crate....look at it, it's an elite crate, you all crave these, you lust after them, you wa—*AHEM*—back on track...

Buuut, this is actually even better than what you see because it has something special inside

Oh great, another f!cking scroll or stack of papers we can't use? Well if you look closely you'll see they're actually quite different.

And when you unwrap them you'll be granted a little reward that stacks with any extras you've acquired in the Chad skill tree and possibly Happy Hour (not that any of you go out at night and type !skipnight in chat instead)

I'll pause while you pick your jaws up off the floor. Yep, you've got another XP source to help you chase those levels and, more importantly, illustrious skill points. Now go catch DietGrape and knock him off the top spot on the leaderboard! (He won't read this, he's too busy voting for the server).

Tell the community what you think about the changes in the #feedback channel on Discord or if there's anything else you'd like to see in #ideas

We Love Y'all!

Even though it may not always seem like it!

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Huge Thanks

A big big thank you to our donators this month, who have helped keep Sunset Valley going for another month.

  • Gogrogg
  • Terror1345Play
  • rangerthree1
  • Will
  • Bramleo
  • BadlyWayne

Every donation goes to bringing you great new content like mentioned above along with helping with the server upkeep costs! Look how far we've come in a year, on the server's 2 year anniversary! If you'd also like to donate you can do so with the click of a button above.

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A big congrats to BadlyWayne for completing his Christmas Caravan Challenge on the server. You can watch him by clicking the button below. If you'd also like to stream Sunset Valley, hit up the #collab channel!

If you'd like to see anything else to the SV shop, feel free to ask in #Ideas on the Discord and we can see what we can work out


Thanks for reading and see you in the Valley!

- T & J