September 15, 2022

Raid me...

Raid me...
How chaddy is your base?

As a lot of you might have seen or heard we will now release a way for you guys to get raided - on your own terms. You build your base, choose your difficulty in the menu and then you defend it with whatever you got.

Getting started

You need to have been authed on the TC of the base 24 hours before starting a raid. After starting it (using the menu) you will be notified in chat when the waves are coming and they are coming.. Hard.. Even on the easy level.

We strongly recommend you try an easy one before you go all in on hard!

We've even added a Test level if you click the "Raid Me" button itself rather than the difficulties themselves to the right of it (Ez (Easy) through to N (Nightmare)).

He is trying, isn't he?
Ahh the lovely massacre.. 

But what will happen to my neighbours?

(Almost) absolutely nothing. Even though you live next door, the raiders won't attack your neighbours' bases (unless you're authed on them...). The only thing that can happen is that your neighbours might get caught in cross fire. So remember - don't auth on your neighbours' bases and maybe give them a heads up when you're calling in the bad boys.

No one else will be able to hurt nor loot "your" NPCs either. They're just yours (and the rest of the ones authed on your TC) to kill.

But J? T? How do we finish..?

Well sweetie, if you don't know that by now... Sorry. Side tracked.. So, there are two ways the event can end - either you kill them all or they destroy your TC. You will be notified in chat when it's over. If the base was as strong as you thought there is a small reward - SVD for doing this, a shit tonne of ammo and other nice stuff they carry with them to raids and the eternal glory for finishing.

Happy killing!