September 15, 2022

New wipe - new looks

New wipe - new looks

Sunset Valley has had a pretty few sweet updates in the last few days. First of all - our new SV-logo that can now be found a little bit of everywhere from Discord to in game. Buuut we got you covered on the implementation as always!


You will now be able to find everything you can ever need in the /info - all in one place! When's whip? Got it! Rules? Got it! Get URLs that you can copy straight to your inventory? Got it! Somewhere to redeem your kit? Got it! Look at the donation privileges and get the URL for it straight into your inventory to copy? Got it! Need to know some commands? Got it!

Like honestly, what's not to love?

New server header image

The old one has now finally retired after doing it's job for more than 1,5 year. It's about time it got to drink some bubbles and enjoy the sunset.


And ofc we have the new buttons which got a separate blog post - find it here. Amazing what can be done with menus, right? Now we don't even need to remember commands anymore.. They're just right there! When we want them to be - of course!

Happy wipe day!