June 9, 2022

Goodbye Modsquad

Goodbye Modsquad

Hey guys,

Modsquad has been a thing in Sunset Valley since last September last year, but now it is now time to say goodbye.. Kind of sad,  since it's the end of an era. We've had a few members coming and going throughout the time. So what is the reason for this 'sudden' decision? We simply got no mods left.

OMG, right..? What happened to our favourite guys?

As most of you know [MOD] Panda left for IRL stuff a while back and Jay and I decided that since our workload has decreased A LOT since we went modded - we don't really need another moderator to take care of the server.  But hey, that's only one of them. But what happened to this one?

So. Jay has been with me for.. Well pretty much as long as I can remember and he has been an amazing friend and has contributed A LOT to the server with his knowledge, patience and kindness. He has been a big support to all of our community and helped me with endless rows of coding, he has spent nights building custom plugins for us and he has done more than ever was expected of him to help Sunset Valley move forward. For this, I want us all to give him endless slow claps - this guy deserves to get praised. Big time!

No more...

But... As for today Jay and I have decided that it's time for him to leave his [SUPERMOD] title. Reasons you ask? Well, they're plenty...

The main one, however, is that he from now on got a new shiny title. Or, maybe it's not as shiny as gold, but I think the pink one suits him as well. Don't you..?

Yours truly,