So there are a few commands to run in Sunset Valley. To type commands you open up the in game chat and type your command or you find it in our very own SV menu. Chat commands look like /this and buttons in the SV menu look like [THIS] so you know where to find it.

/info - Get basic information about the server

jbCraft - Our own custom plugin!

/craft - Craft the uncraftable. Please note you need to type the item exactly as the crafting list is, for example /craft M2 or /craft "Test Gen" etc.

Learn More: Jay's Crafting Expansion ( & jbCraft - Staxxx Update! (

Player Challenges [TITLES]

Get the leader board of Player Challenges

Learn More: My First Plugin (Part 1) (

Reward Shop [SHOP]

Open up the shop to buy items (e.g. for water bases) or call in Supply Drops or Heli.

Learn More: Welcome July (

SVD Notifications

/rr - Change how the SVD notifications appear on the screen, and for what you are alerted for.

Learn More: Cash is king! (


/ammohud toggle - Toggle it on and off.

/ammohud [position] - Choose between default, top, bottom, left, right, bottomright, bottomleft, topright and topleft. Eg. /ammohud topright.

Learn More: Clucking awesome UI Updates (

Damage hitmarkers

/marker - Settings for your damage hitmarkers.

Learn More: Clucking awesome UI Updates (

SV Nature

/svpickup - Look at the placed nature item and type this command in chat and the item will be picked up and placed back in your inventory.

SV Battlepass [B-PASS]

See todays missions and don't miss out on those sweet crowns!

Learn More: August to September (

Skill tree [SKILLS] and [XP]

Get your skill tree menu open.

Compare your own level to the others!

Learn More: Up your skills! ( & Skills Update (Already?!) (

Playtime Tracker [PLAYTIME]

See where you are in the rankings.

/playtime - See how much time you've spent on the server this wipe.

Learn More: Most time played reward (

Backpack [BACKPACK]

Get that extra loot storage.

Car radio

Get a radio attached to your vehicle just by looking at it and typing the command.

/attachradio - Attach a radio to your vehicle

/removeradio - Remove a radio from your vehicle

Learn More: Car Radios! (


Can be found in the /info menu.

Buy Raid [BUY RAID -> level]

Use this to open up your raids when you have enough SVD.

Learn More: Cash is king! (

Sign Artist

/sil - Look at the sign and type /sil url and you will get your image in game

/sili - Look at the sign and type /sili url holding your item of choice and it will paste a picture of it

/silt - Look at the sign and type /silt <message> <size> <font colour> <bg colour> (for example: /silt "Welcome to Sunset Valley" 20 #ff0000 #000000)

Remover tool [REMOVE]

Get the remover tool to remove everything you got TC access to with unlimited access for three minutes. After this there is a 20 minute cooldown. Unless you have the skill in the skill tree...


Since the server doesn't allow stealing we have a plugin to prevent looting of storage units. To still be able to share stuff with your friends you can use these commands. You look at the storage unit (box, locker etc.).

/share - allows all players access to a storage unit

/share username - allow a certain player access to a storage unit

/unshare - revoke access to a storage unit

/unshare username - revoke a certain player access to a storage unit

/sharelist - get the list of permissions for a storage unit

/shareclear - clear the list of permissions for the entity

Learn More: Box sharing (


/dance 1/2/3 - Choose your dance and join the parteeey

Learn More: Let's dance! (


!hhl- Horses need lights too. Turn on your horse headlights.

!findrecycler - Finds the nearest recycler sometimes.

!trees - Plant trees within your TC range.

!skipnight - might not always be what it seems.