Raidable bases

Raidable bases

Are you a PvE player but still want a bit more of a struggle than PvE usully has to offer? Then you should try the raidable bases. Not only is it a nice way to get otherwise unobtainable items, skinned stuff etc, but it is also a nice practice for new players. Sooo... Basically break into the base, grab the loot and gtfo (and try not to die ofc..).

How does it work?

We offer 5 different tiers: Easy (green 3000 SVD), Medium (yellow 6000 SVD), Hard (red 12000 SVD), Expert (blue 21000 SVD) and Nightmare (pink 30000 SVD). Some have scientists defending them while others are empty. They are all in different (wood to HQM) and each tier have different loot tables and all of the bases spawn with random ones. Just because you're unlucky once doesn't mean you won't hit the jackpot the next time.

You simply use the boom of your choice (rockets, ammo, satchels, c4, MLRS etc.) and boom yourself through. You need to destroy the TC before looting and the boxes are invincible throughout the raid. When all the boxes are emptied (not just found - they need to be emptied) the raid counts as completed and will despawn after five minutes. The raid timer doesn't really matter, the base will be despawned after looting everything or at server restart. There is a GUI down to the right telling you how much loot you have left.

To continue raiding another base, the first raid must be completed.

Buy a raid

To buy a raid, you simply get your menu open and click on the base you would like to buy. If you don't have all tiers, they might not have been unlocked yet (SkillTree)

The base will spawn on the map within a few seconds and you will get a message saying it's location, but of course you can also see this on the map. This base locks itself to the attacker and their team and it also states the owner and location in global chat.


All participating in the raid will be rewarded with Sunset Valley Dollars (the amount depends on the difficulty of the raid) and it will be split equally between the participants.

Good luck!