November 13, 2022

November Wipe

November Wipe

We now hope you've had a sneak peak at what will be our forever map. Yes, you read that correctly. In the long run, this will be our map that we will cherish, add our own custom things to, to make Sunset Valley an even more unique and amazing experience.

But first...

Most voted

Congrats BadlyWayne for voting the most on last month! They will now enjoy the lovely perks of our [UPVOTED] title. What would you need to do to enjoy this? Just make sure to click the vote button below and vote for us ?


We would also like to give a huge shoutout to Gogrogg, BadlyWayne and Virrepanna for donating and supporting us to help us keeping the server running for another month! If you love our work and want to support us and our work for the server, please visit our --> shop <-- log in and receive a little thank you from us as well?

October wipe recap

An October wipe full of surprises, cool portal, lots of stuff out to get you and of course - the traditional candy hunt!

We also had a speed raid event where we spawned in bases and had players raid them. This was won by DietGrapeUK - Congratulations! You now have your very own no bag timer for the wipe ?

Adding in events

We've also added in an Arena Island with a few different arenas and three different events where you guys can gain SVD:

  • CPT - Capture the flag
  • LMS - Last man standing
  • Slasher

I hope that everyone is now finished brushing their teeth and is overly excited for the November news but lets go through the changes we've made during October first ?


?We're going through channnnggggeessss?

Changes last wipe

Event manager

We've been enjoying a new arena in Capture the Flag which is a lot bigger. This is a really nice way of gaining SVD since you get some for headshots, kills and if you are the winner you will also receive 1000 SVD. This is something that we continuously work with, adding new kits, new arenas and there might also be new games..

Go blue team, GO!

Titles added

You love doing oil rig and want to show it? You love playing looting simulator and need that goblin status? The scientists are yet to come up with a cure for your need to buy everything you see in a vending machine, maybe you have a weird fetish for knocking up - sorry, on doors or maybe a thing for spinning wheels? No kink shaming of course! We're all different and that's our strength, right? ?

Regardless, we now got you covered with a lot of new titles in Player Challenges! Make sure to get on top of the list to look outstanding in chat!

6055?! How is that even possible?? 

Alongside those new features we've also made changes to existing ones:

  • Backpacks: ? Increased despawn timer 300 --> 900 sec
  • SkillTree: ⏩ Added new skills - infinite remover tool, backpack space and SVDepo
  • NPC Raiders: ?  Turret damage scale on medium raids 1 --> 0.75
  • NPC Raiders: ? Turret damage scale on hard, expert and zerg raids 1 --> 0.5
  • NPC Raiders: ? Turret damage scale on nightmare raids 1 --> 0.25
  • NPC Raiders: ? Turret damage scale on giga chad raids 1 --> 0.1
  • NPC Raiders: ⏩ MLRS raiding on expert, nightmare and giga chad raids
  • NPC Raiders: ⏩ Block repairing on hard, expert, nightmare and zerg raids
  • NPC Raiders: ? Zerg raid bots don't drop loot (due to lag)
  • RaceTrack: ? Reward from 250 SVD --> 1000 SVD
  • Raidable bases: ?Updated spawn distances between raidbases 25 --> 100
  • Raidable bases: ?Updated spawn distances between bases and monuments 0 --> 50

The Present

Changes for this wipe

Well, the biggest change is probably the forever map. Everyone starts off in the same spawn area, the scrappy we all crashed down in. As you spawn in, the pilot is giving you instructions how to get off the island and after that you'll run into a few of our Valley guards telling you about the most important rules of Sunset Valley.

And of course a big gate that sets you off into the great unknown Valley with old monuments, some new and a brand new Rustmart.

insert intense dinosaur park music here

After this you're only a small bridge away from your deepest pain.. I mean pleasures of Sunset Valley.

Wonder if Wayne drove this car..?

What else?

As you've probably noticed the rigs are super close to each other and that's pretty cool, right? It's almost as if you could stand on Loil and snipe Smoil.. I mean.. What!?

Smile and wave boys..! Smile and wave..

There has been some questions where you can buy minis since there isn't a Bandit Camp on the map. The simple answer is - at Outpost! We've merged them together to make it more convenient but still have all the content.

Airwolf? At Outpost?

Even RustMart has had a facelift and is now added to the map rather than us having to paste it on wipe day.

RustMart looks a bit different now. At least we know where all the toilet paper from 2020 is hoarded.. and.. is that.. a.. FOOT!?
Better not pick a fight with this cashier :O

Cash is even more king

As you can see, cash is now even more king than it used to be. We have increased the values of killing NPC's and APC's by an average of about 225 %. Yeah, you're right, that is a lot but yeah, putting yourself at risk should come with a reward, right? So put on your coolest epic loot (is there another way to go??), grab that gun and go kill some stuff!

  • Server Rewards: ? Cost changes
  • Rust Rewards: ?  Value changes --> average +225 %
  • BotRespawn: ? Value changes --> average +225 %
  • BotRespawn: ? Day and night values are now the same on all monuments

Adding items to sell in SVD shop

We are currently working on adding in things in the shop so you guys can sell and gain some more RP to spend.


We are currently having issues with BattlePass not updating correctly. We have contacted the author of the plugin and are awaiting their answer.

Thoughts, comments or ideas? Drop them in the #feedback or #ideas channel on discord

The Future

Upcoming features in the pipeline

So what is currently in our pipeline? They're definitely not clogged and we feel as if we got so much things going on that we barely know where to start which is super fun! Apart from the stuff we posted last wipe we've also added following to our long list of things:

Bradley changes

Think normal Brad is a piece of birthday cake and killing the NPCs spawning with it is like taking candy from a child? Then we are working on an update for you to spawn your own Brad boy with different difficulties, different loot tables and different rewards. Exciting.. right?! And ofc you will be able to spawn the same old Brad if you are more of a vanilla person ?

Modified weapons

Rumour has it that we posted some modified weapons that might or might not be available in our Sunset Valley shop within a not so distant future.

More NPCs

We're also looking into using more NPCs across the maps, for shopping, SkillTrees and a lot of other exciting stuff that we hope will make the game more interesting.  

Why so shy, Suzy?
Oh, a true Chad..!

Super cool, right!?

Charitable Rust with Twitch Drops

It's once again time for Charitable Rust, this time supporting World Central Kitchen. With this comes a few cool Twitch Drops. Make sure to tune in on November 19th at 17:00 CET to get some nice streamer drops!

Well, that's it for this time. Enjoy the November wipe -> and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to never miss out on news (and special treatment..)!