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Player vs Environment only!

# No killing

Don’t kill ANYONE. Not that you can, except for during the events of CTF, LMS or Slasher. Then please kill each other as much as you like 😋

# Protect yourself

As long as your tc is locked, you are fully protected within your building privilege. Nobody will be able to loot your containers (furnaces, refineries, boxes etc) unless you share them. More info about that can be found in the commands tab. We guarantee your safety, but we demand your tc being locked in return 🙃

# No raiding

Since you can't really raid players here (because our players are more than well protected) no use in trying. We do have an exceptional amount of raidbases though. You should try them.

# No stealing/looting

If it doesn’t belong to you – don’t touch it. Don’t take things from other bases (decaying bases where tc has fallen or is unlocked is okay to loot since players are supposed to protect their base), boxes, refineries, furnaces, quarries, sleepers, private supply drops, claimed horses, corpses or backpacks. Nothing. The only stuff that is allowed to grab from other people are be placed in boxes marked ”free” or things in shared boxes ofc.

# Respect against each other

Every one has a place in Sunset Valley. No sexism, racism, homophobia, doxing, advertisement or harassment is allowed. Cursing is fine and most of us have a sense of humor, but don’t cross the line. We show each other respect in game as well as in Discord and paintings/signs. We have a zero tolerance stance to such imagery uploaded or drawn in game and this sort of ban will be effective immediately. Any association with offensive material will also result in a ban.

# No griefing

This includes (but isn’t limited to) building onto other bases or blocking people from building, building across water so that boats can’t pass, frequently targeting or bothering others in chat or voice chat.

# Don’t trespass

Even if your intention isn’t to raid – stay out (and off) of other bases unless you’re invited. It doesn’t matter if the doors are wide open or the doors are unlocked. Respect peoples' privacy. Most importantly, don't by any chance enter another player's base if you're under a heli attack. That's just disrespectful.

# Horses

Also make sure to lock your horses. To do this, use a key- or a code lock and look at your horse (as if you were about to put a lock on a door) and click the horse. If you are multiple people that are gonna use the horse and don't wanna bother with keys - just use a code lock. If you have a lock on your horse it can't get stolen. If you leave it unlocked and it gets stolen, it will not be replaced.

# Vehicles

Make sure to lock your vehicle with a key / code lock. If you leave your vehicle unlocked and it gets stolen, it will not be replaced. Please note that keeping a car on a carlift outside might not guarantee safety since rust mechanics > plugins. Please keep your vehicles inside.

# Don’t hoard vehicles

There is a limited amount of spawned vehicles on the island. Don’t keep them all to yourself. Hoarding may result in your vehicles behing removed.

# Supply drops

Supply drops are free for all, unless they’re called out as a private drop (using a supply signal) in chat (happens automatically when you drop it). Left click to throw it as a private drop (then only you can loot it) or right click to throw it as unlocked (everyone can loot - but aren't allowed to of course.). All loot from private drops belongs to the person/team throwing the signal. Watch out for bad guys!

# Inform other players

You need to inform other players when you're doing cargo or have tagged Karen. We got the rest of the monuments covered. If you want to read more about it you can do it here.

# Countering

Countering monuments, crates, heli, Bradley, cargo etc. isn’t allowed. First come, first serve.

# Pump jacks / quarries

If you are using a quarry or pump jack you need to be online for others to be able to get in touch with you. If you are trying to use a pump jack or quarry and it isn’t empty, ask about it in chat. Don’t loot it (or you might get banned for stealing)!

# Bridges

Take boats into account when building bridges (in the ocean, even rhibs!). If a boat can't get through an admin might destroy a part of the bridge. Building on water is fine (yes, even rivers) but please keep in mind that boats still should be able to get through. Building a base all over river source is fine, but if you build at river mouth you need to make sure that boats can either go under or around your base.

# Advertisements

Don’t advertise your Twitch channel, YT, other servers etc. in chat. People aren’t here to get spammed with new content. Instead this should be posted in the ”self promoting” channel in Sunset Valley Discord.

Did you notice that someone is breaking the rules? Please take a screenshot and post in Report channel on Discord or make an F7 report in game.

We’re all here to have fun. Don’t ruin it.