August 16, 2022

Up your skills!

Up your skills!

Sooo! There has been a lot of changes to our wonderful Valley this wipe, so why shouldn't we continue? We now got SVD, we got Player Challenges, a cool reward shop that keeps developing, a loooot of other fun stuff, but up until now, there's something we haven't been able to get in the Valley and we now present to you - Skill trees and LEVELS!


How does this work then? Well, now you got access to a whole new menu - /st. This is what you use to level up your different skills, change your settings etc. First of all we recommend you to try out player settings and reposition the xp pump bar so you get it in a nice place that works for your setup.

Here you can control most of what you can see. And wait whaaat? EXTRA POCKETS?!
Look at this little perfect thingy helping us reposition the bar.

Everyday I'm levelling

Now it's time to get to it. How do we level!? It's really not that hard. You have your bar. You fill it up with xp by doing stuff in game (crazy guess, I know!) and then you choose from the different trees (mining, woodcutting, skinning, harvesting, medical, combat, build/craft, scavenging, vehicles and cooking) with the arrows at the bottom.

To level up, you simply click on the skill, that gives you information about the buff to the left, and then you can simply press "Level Up". First row (horizontally) is tier 1 and you need to have levelled 5 skills to be able to move on to tier 2 - the second row, and 10 skills to move on to tier 3.

How skilled are you?

You feel like comparing yourself to your fellow players? Then there is a nice score board if you type in /score.

I've also ran a test today, playing 20 minutes in early game, mid game and late game just to see that we're not completely off with our calcs. This is my results. So in an hour in total I accumulated 14,472 xp points, nearly 5 levels which brought me some nice buffs of my choice.

Early game (wood chopping, mining, killing road side scientists)
Mid game (excavator, Brad)
Late game (rigs, miltuns etc)
This is after only an hour of playtime!


"But Theri, how on earth do you get that much SVD?!" - Well, not to brag or anything buuut... For every level you gain, you now get 300 SVD as well. So from this hour of testing, four levels got me 1,200 SVD. Preeeeetty sweet deal, wouldn't you say?

Raidable bases

And of course. Last but not least. It is compatible with raidable bases? You bet your sweet ass it is! So yes, you will get xp from completing raidbases as well. A little less from an easy base - a little lesser less from a nightmare one. Katching!

Losing points upon death

But! Knowing us... It comes with a cost. You will lose some of your xp points if you die.. From animals and scientists and stuff.. Not raidbases, suicide etc. Because everyone knows the safest way to travel is to suicide - no?

It's time. Put on your best gear and get out and explore the world because who wouldn't want this later this wipe:

This is what your buff information could look like. Sexy - isn't it?

Fine print

And fyi, we won't be reseting the skills for the next wipe so feel free to play around, learn and most importantly.. have fu.. just kidding, don't have too much fun. You only get 100 skill points so use them wisely. You may respec, but it's gonna cost you...