October 4, 2022

Wow, that's Epic!

Wow, that's Epic!

Did you hear that? Yeah, that. That is the latest news of the Valley and it's pronounced Epic Loot. Epic what?! Epic Loot! Is your biggest dream to get even more mining yield than Skill Tree can provide? Got it! You like to go scrap hunting and want to find even more scrap? Got it! Animals constantly killing you while you're out running? Get less damage done by animals today becaaaaause.. Yeah, you guessed right. Epic Loot got you covered!

All you have to do is unlock it in a Chad Skill Tree near you today!

How does it work?

You can find the items in crates, barrels and on npcs (not bots), you have a chance in receiving tiered loot while crafting or you can even find yourself some very cool things while raiding.

Yeah, so why would you want to use Epic Loot? I mean, sure, it's completely up to you to decide whether or not you want to be able to stack the very cool buffs of Epic Loot together with the very cool buffs you already have from Skill Tree, but it's super cool! Like.. who wouldn't like to do an insane amout of damage to scientists?!

In the info menu you can see the different set types there are and what nice buffs you can get.

Different tiers

The items come in different tiers - C (uncommon), B (rare), A (epic) and of course a very lovely S (legendary) tier. If you get an item, it will say the set name, the item and the tier, in this case, Tamers tank top, tier C.

An uncommon tank top providing the tamer's buff

And the best part - if you have two Tamers items - you get set bonuses as well as an additional bonus to the buff you're already getting! Amazing, right!? And the more you have of the same category - the bigger the bonus - OMFG, YES!

You can also mix the buffs/bonuses as below, I'm wearing two pieces of miners and one piece of tamers, which gives me +2 % animal damage reduction, +65 % mining yield including a set bonus because I'm wearing 2 pieces of the mining set.

And the more set items I add  - the more set bonuses I get.  

6 pieces of the miners set gives me this.
6 pieces of the raiders set gives me this.
6 items of the crafters set gives me this
6 items of the operators set gives me this

As you can see, there are a lot of nice buffs and it's amazing how it just stacks with your already existing Skill Tree buffs!

Crafting items

When crafting you have a chance of receiving an enhanced item. How cool isn't that?! Maybe those infinite nights of crafting burlap gloves will finally pay off in other ways than getting that fancy fashionista title?! SWEET!

Salvaging items

Oh nooo! Not the M2!!

Please note that if you split the stack of SV Comps, the name will say "blood" but it will still work as SV Comps, but won't stack with the rest of them.

Enhancing items

To enhance an already owned item you go into the Epic Loot menu and click the bottom right icon. That will get you to the "equipment enhancer". When there you choose which one of your equipped item you will enhance and after that your desired enhancement. Please note that you can choose which set you get, but not the tier you're getting. Click enhance and boom! You got yourself a tiered item. Easy peasy, right?

Wow, how cool wouldn't it be with an enhanced M2?!
Time to choose your set!
Do you dare to spend 10 SV Comps?
Now it's all pretty and stated that this is a fierce Assassins M249 :D

Ah, the M249 is now back to greatness and I can go back and kill more scientists!