July 7, 2022

Welcome July

Welcome July
Ahh.. Another beautiful sunset in the... Wait WHAT?!

Hey guys,

For the first time we're running a custom "non procedural" map. We've done some exploring, but there's just sooo much to look at. I mean.. New wipe - new challenges, right...?

Cargo.. Is that you?
Wondered what happened to this guy...
Ahh, finally a familiar face!

What's new?

What would a new wipe be without something new? Well except for the map.. This wipe we bought the plugin Water Bases, which gives you access to build on deeper water without having to use foundation all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

Water Bases

So what is there to know about Water Bases? Well, for starters, they look like an inner tube while placing them ^^

Time to go for a.. Build..?

Once you've put down your water foundation you use your normal build plan and choose the regular floor (not foundation!) to continue placing your water foundation.

Floors - not foundations!

When you're done with your foundation it can (or will..) get wet, and if this bothers you, we do recommend you to build up half a floor. If you choose to build directly on the surface, TC can still be placed, but you're gonna have to wait until the foundation is free from water to place it.

And poof! There you have it!

Want to build underneath the surface? Maybe place some nettings and catch some loot? Maybe have a cool under water build? Bring out your hammer and hit your water foundation and it will create another foundation underneath it (requires that you have more foundations in your inventory). From this you can continue to build down. Just note that even if you build under water it still counts as under water and diving gear is recommended.

The possibilities are endless (well, maybe not when it comes to Rust logic, but you know where we're getting at..).

No.. You can't collect the diesel... :P

If you're about to build in the path of Cargo you will get a warning. You will still be able to build there, but Cargo might destroy your base (<- and then that's on you!).

If you want to see the path, you can type /draw_cargo in chat to make sure it won't be bothering you.

Sooo.. What's the price? The answer is... Your reward.

Introducing RP

We've now started to add things to the Reward Store. To get there you type /s, get in that GUI and here you can find both items, command and you'll even be able to sell some of your things for reward points (RP).

Yes.. That "Commands" tab looks very sexy, doesn't it..?

How do you get your RP?

Well, obviously selling things (since you just read it..) buuuut, you can also exchange SVD to gain more - and the other way around! Super cool, right? Raidable bases has finally got some competition for those SVD of yours!

Note that /s is still under construction, but we wanted to let you in on this during our development so that you guys can use your SVD for something more than just raids ^^

Have a nice wipe!