Sunset Valley

Probably the best PvE Rust server in the world

We are SV

We are SV

Welcome! You've found probably the best Rust PVE server! We've put together of a list of the events and features you can find on the server. It's run by two people who have poured blood, sweat and tears into it and backed by the greatest community.

We hope you'll find your slice of paradise in Sunset Valley as you explore what we have to offer. If you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask in chat or on our discord.

You can expect:

Automated Server Events

Events that happen automatically on the server every x minutes or so

  • Harbour Event - The Cargo ship is loading at one of the harbours and there are scientists there to ensure the cargo gets onboard without a hitch. Can you make it past Brad’s cousin Britney and fight your way past the Susans for the loot?
  • Junkyard Event - Greta's greedy goblins having hidden a supply drop in one of the cars in the junkyard and are trying to find it. Can you beat them to it and call in a caravan full of loot defended by the Titans of Trash?
  • Sunset Valley Space Station (SVSS) [CURRENTLY DISABLED] - SVSS has had a catastrophic failure and pieces of it are falling from space to the Valley. Retrieve the loot from the smaller wreckages or fight your way passed a Jessica, Valleynaut or turrets and swipe your SVSS Cargo Access card to retrieve the loot.
  • Power Plant Event [CURRENTLY DISABLED] - Ever wanted to be a firefighter, now you can because a chinook has just crashed into the power plant and it's on fire along with all it's cargo. Perhaps if you help save the day, the Plant Technicians will let you keep some of it?
  • Sat Dish Event -

Triggerable Events

Events that you can trigger yourself using the commands associated with the event

  • Raidable Bases - 5 Tiers of bases can be called in using the /buyraid command. You will spend some of your SVD to be rewarded with loot and some SVD back in return upon successful completion.
  • NPC Raiders - Test your base’s defences against multiple tiers of enemies with /raidme. Will you survive the onslaught with your base intact or will you be having your own purge party?

Wipe Variable Events

Sometimes during a wipe we'll have special events to bring the whole community together to compete against each other:

  • Maze - Hunt through a maze alongside your other players and reap the rewards at the end.
  • Treasure Hunt - Search across the map looking for shrines with a code, then bring them back to a many-doored pyramid and open its secrets.
  • Jump Puzzle - Parkour your thing? Cool. Honestly, you’re probably good at it. We are too. We definitely didn’t die 100+ times trying to finish the puzzle.
  • Build Off - Build in a set foundation to the theme set for the wipe. Voting will be done on our discord to determine the best build.
  • Raid Race - Players compete to complete the same raidbase simultaneously. Quickest to loot everything is the winner.

Guaranteed Server Features

These are the features that define Sunset Valley. If you can't remember the commands you can check out our custom in game menu via the SV button to bring up all the features you've unlocked

  • PVE - Fully PVE server. Nope they can’t destroy your base, nope they can’t steal your stuff, nope they can’t kill you on site. Your supply drops are safe too, and your planter boxes and your mini. Look it’s ok, you’re safe now. Don’t worry. Slap a lock on your TC then grab a cup of tea, chill, have that zen moment
  • 10% Upkeep - You don’t need to worry about your build crumbling to the ground with only a tiny number of mats needed to keep it alive!
  • Currencies - You’ll earn Sunset Valley Dollars (SVD) from playing the game, every action you take will reward you with them to spend on various other SV Features. We also have reward points which are spent in the /s store and also Sunset Valley Crowns (SVC), which are spent on the loot crates in the battle pass.
  • Admin Shop - It’s our shop plopped on the map. Sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes it’s got a puzzle to access. Sometimes it’s plain vanilla. Sells goodies that are hard to acquire.
  • Backpacks - You all get one, now fill it with crap!
  • Bots - We’ve got bots wandering most monuments, parachuting in with supply drops and some may even appear when you’ve killed Brad or Karen. They range from the ridiculously easy to the relatively challenging. We’re sure they won’t put up much of a fight against you, gigachad!
  • Chest Stacks - Want to really cram your loot in that room? Now you can right click and stack a chest on top of another.
  • Dance - Wanna do the cabbage patch or raise the roof? Well you can on command with /dance 1|2|3. Get those emotes bound, we’re having a party!
  • Extended Crafting - Need a Testgen to power your neon lights or an M2 because Brad isn’t playing nice or maybe you just want a stack of 30,000 wood instead of 1,000. Well you can do all that with /craft.
  • Improved Door Closers - Sick of your doors closing too fast on your garages or not being able to pick up the door closer? Don’t worry, this fixes that.
  • Gamble Anything - Bored of just gambling scrap at bandit? Did you try gambling your rockets or C4? Just do it responsibly, that stuff takes a long time to craft!
  • Loot Anything - Toilet. Lootable. Filing Cabinet. Lootable. Desk. Yeah, there’s probably a keycard in there. Yeah, I said in not on. IN. Oh there’s also hackable crates, and teapots and plant pots and batteries and jerry cans and well you get the picture.
  • Loot Refresh - Standard crates will drop their loot after something has been taken from them, so you should never wander into a half looted crate again. If you're one of those who don't care about emptying crates.. You might get slapped.
  • Playtime - The player with the most time spent playing in Sunset valley every wipe received a reward, which includes a special in game title and some nice permissions. Compare yourself to the others using /playtime top.
  • Skill Tree - Earn XP as you play and spend your skill points when you level up on some game changing features in the /st menu.
  • Statistics & Titles - Want to know who has thrown the most explosives, has the highest level or made the longest kill shot? You can see it all with /pc.
  • Battlepass - Have you done your daily quests yet? Check them out in /pass to see what you’ve got left to do, cash in those earnt Crowns and spend them in the store on some loot crates!
  • Water Bases - Also found in the shop are the foundations needed to help you build your floating castles at sea.
  • Sign Artist - Want to get your artwork in game, or have some inspiration quotes boost your day before you go and conquer that Nightmare raidbase? Well /sil and all it’s features is there for you.

Wipe Variable Server Features

Depending on the map, some of the features may not be always available

  • Automated Trains - Sick of walking the tracks looking for trains well why not have them come to you. On some maps we have trains stopping at stations at regular intervals so you don’t ever need to worry about fueling and shovelling coal yourself. SV Rail is also free!
  • SV Custom Monuments - Have you visited Sunset Diner, Scrap Hawk Down or the Desert Hangars? Didn’t think so because you’ll only find them here. Monuments created by us, for us! We hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Other Features

Not server specific but still a big part of SV and what we do together

  • Active Community - We’ve got a great set of players happy to help players just starting out, show off pictures of their cats or whinge in unison at some update we’ve made for their own good. All on our discord. Come say hi.
  • Regular Blog Updates - Subscribe to our blog to get news on Sunset Valley happenings as we post regular updates throughout the wipe.
  • Donation Rewards - If you’d like to help us out but don’t know how, we’ve got some donation rewards listed on our website. These packages give you some additional features in game and help keep the server running from one wipe to the next.

Server Glossary

Some of the terms we use on the discord and the chat. If you don't know what something is or means, you'll probably find it below

  • Brad - Bradley APC usually found at launch
  • Britney - Brad’s wife and cousin. A modified version of Brad with different fire rates and HP
  • Karen - Attack Helicopter
  • Susan - Like Britney, this is a modified version of a Karen
  • Jessica - Like Susan, but chunkier
  • Valleynaut - An astronaut who survived an SVSS crash
  • RustMart - Our admin shop
  • PawnHub - Our take one leave one charity shop