October 6, 2022



Yessss! You read that correctly! We've implemented another mini game, capture the flag. It basically works the same way as the car race:

Event Announcment - You have 30 seconds to click the EVENT button and click "Enter Event"
Right next to your Backpack!
Some nice SVD cash back on this one, right?
Event Loading - You will be teleported to the event location and have a few seconds to locate where you are. You'll be naked. For the nevernudes amongst you: don't worry, all your gear is safely tucked away on your original body while you're participating
Event Start - You'll receive a kit that you'll be using on the opposition during the event
Looking good there, Jay!
Event End - Winners will collect their rewards - a nice stack of SVD - and losers will be shamed into competing the next event when it comes around

How do you play?

You need to capture the enemy team's flag and run back to your flag without getting killed. Yeah, that's right. It is a PVP zone. WTF? Well, since you receive a kit you won't lose any of your own stuff while participating during the event. If you die, you will respawn in the event (for as long as it's active) and get a new kit. No bags needed!

The event can end in two ways. Either one team wins, or you run out of time. The timer is set to 10 minutes, which would hopefully be more than enough for one team to capture the flag and make mash out of their opponents.

You can keep track of who's winning and who is haunted by the sounds of bells and chants of "shame" in the top left corner

When the event ends you will be stripped of that kit and teleported back to the place you were before you got teleported to the event.

PVP Zone

The zone around the arena will be a PVP sphere and yes, you will be able to PVP in the sphere even when the event is inactive. However, you won't be able to loot your bag so if you die here, your stuff dies with you.

You will not get them back.

This is not a drill! Say Ciao, Adios, bye bye (and something in Swedish) to your gear!

Of course you will be notified about this in game, both when entering...

... and leaving. You have been warned.

That said however, this is a drill...

Happy killing and flag capping and you can expect new arenas, loadouts and maybe even other game modes if y'all don't whine too much!