May 5, 2022

April Wipe, Done!

How was everyone's April? Build that massive 3,000 entity palace of your dreams? Raid a "rocket shaped" nightmare base? Or just spend the entity wipe grubbing for scrap to spend at the casino? Whatever you did, we hope you realised everything you planned during the wipe!

Jay here to take you down memory lane for the wipe!

Hype Train

Choo Choo! All aboard! Calling at all Sunset Valley stations on this commuter service to all degrees of death!

Train tracks are in the game now, which means proper trains will be here shortly, until then someone you managed to board the Hype Train for a few party loops around island stopping at the various Vengaboys stations along the way. With the number of stations being built, BadlyWayne and Da Boyz, needed a way to light them and asked for a new package to be added to the shop and so Let there be Light was born.

The vengabu—train is coming!

Future wipes will bring proper trains and sidings, who knows maybe even a train lift to pimp your train with inbuilt speakers or a caravan hut! While on our laps around the island, we all also got the opportunity to try out /dance <1|2|3> while the greatest hits from the 90s were being blasted out over voice chat.

Rocket Raid

At long last master69wolf's winning raid base is part of the raid pool of nightmare bases, with a few upgrades by your Admin team. There may be a few turrets at the base, so we recommend using the mlrs raiding functionality liberally...very, very liberally.

A few turrets?!

With this, Bandage Magique was born, who healed us during our first attempt so we thought it only right that those heals are now tracked, as there were a LOT of bandages used, so /pc now has a new title for players healed!

Bigger raids means more draw on the server, so we've also spoken to our host to upgrade the server RAM and hope the server runs smoother for you all.

Oh, playtime tracking is now a thing and with his substantial hours in game Fernburner will be enjoying their winnings this wipe for all their time in game! Just how one person can gather so, so, so many horses in one place is beyond me!

Wheelbarrows of Winnings

Sunset Valley's casino has been redone and upgraded with a new look an new features. Alongside the slots and poker table you can now find a Big Wheel, so you no longer need to trek to Bandit to waste your hard earned scrap and other resources!


"Other resources?" I hear you echo with a hint of confusion. For those that haven't been keeping up to date with the blog, low grade, rockets, and gunpower are a few of the extra things you can now gamble away. So you can give all your leftovers to Nicole to feed her addiction now, not just scrap!

With leftovers and running out of space in mind, we implemented /craft.stack to help you stack your resources without needing to blow holes in a raidbase to get those juicy stacks, making journeys across the map with a bag and backpack even more lucrative. We think you enjoyed the new function with over 4 million resources stacked since it was released!

Fresh Wipe. Fresh Changes

If you haven't seen T or myself around lately on the server, that's because we've been hard at work on our Dev server prepping for this coming wipe. Here's a snapshot of things you can expect:

  • New Rust Mart with new features to explore
  • UI Changes
  • Raidbase Changes
  • and if you're lucky some new events!

We hope you'll enjoy the new additions to the server, and let us know either way in the #feedback channel on the discord.

Big Thanks

A lot of the changes and server upgrades couldn't have been made without your help so we'd like to say a big thanks to all our donators:

  • Vivvi
  • DietGrapeUK
  • Scythalle
  • master69wolf
  • BadlyWayne
  • Chiniro

If you'd like to help out and get some cool perks then head on over to the Shop and see if there's a donation reward that's right for you.

So we know you can game but, over the wipes we've seen some of you have some pretty great creative skills and we'd love to support that by bringing you together to work on projects. Maybe one of you edits videos good enough for DrDisrespect, or is a modern day Monet when it comes to graphic design, or you just have the perfect radio voice?

That's why we're launching the new #Collab channel in the discord where you can collaborate with community members to help build something together outside the game.  Check out the channel and let's see what we can do together.

We couldn't mention collaboration without giving a special shout out to Loba's Onion Ring for her community art project this wipe and all the great submissions that were entered into it and we can't wait to see what they have planned for us all in the coming wipe.

Is it a shark or a dolphin with teeth?!

That's probably enough from me today and all I'll leave you all with wishing you a very lucrative Wipe Day!

Enjoy May Wipe!