May 5, 2022

Cash is king!

Cash is king!

Hey guys,

This will probably be the biggest change in Sunset Valley history. Apart from scrap as a currency we will now be able to use Sunset Valley Dollars. Yes, we have added economy to the server. Super exciting and it has taking some time in our dev server but it's finally here.

Reward system

When you log on now, there will be a little number (on a less fancy yellow post-it thingie) popping up on your screen when you do stuff in game). If you like it - don't worry. If you're not a fan... Just type /rr in chat and turn it either to chat (might get spammy) or off completely. You'll be able get your cash and to see it in your balance regardless.

Sunset Valley Dollars $ (SVD)

So how does one earn this fine currency? By being online and playing the game - ofc!

$ 0.5 Collectables
$ 1 Barrels
$ 3 Crates
$ 5 Ores, trees, NPC's, Hackable crates and wild animals (excluding horses)
$ 50 APC's & Helis

+ an additional bonus of 100 $ for every in game day spent on the server.

Please note that you have to finish the entity while mining/chopping/killing/emptying the crates to get the cash.

You can find your SVD balance right next to your in game clock.

What about planter boxes, then? Unfortunately they are growables and not collectables.

Raidable bases

How about the raids you might ask? Higher tier (hard, expert and nightmare) will be rewarded with SVD. Why not the easier ones then? It's basically two reasons that we chose to leave them out of this. The easier ones are fast to raid and moving from raid to raid just to collect a lot of $. The other reason is we're now introducing less automatically spawned bases to reduce entities and lag. How? Keep on reading!

Buying of raidable bases

By buying the raidable bases they lock automatically to you and your own team and you're given the position in chat a few seconds before it actually spawns so you will have a few seconds to get inside your mini and start flying over there. It also announces spawning these in chat but with a set owner.

To buy a raid, type /buyraid in chat. Then below GUI will open and you can choose the type of base of your choice and click that one. If you got enough SVD that is...


So... Yes, you will have to work a bit for the SVD, but before you say buying the bases above is impoooossible, we have actually looked into time played for the majority of our players and tried to balance the rates so that everyone will get the chance to do everything, whether you farm Heli, Brad, wood or just smack barrels along the road sides you should be able to get a chance to a nice little growing fortune to spend.

Looking forward to your feedback as always in the #feedback channel on Discord.

Have a great wipe!