December 19, 2022

Stack UI

Stack UI

Nearly 1 whole year since I started on the plugin and a good few months since we implemented the stack update. Since then the server has stacked over 1,000,000,000,000* items! Good work! I'm proud, not of you, but of the plugin getting used. (* - statistics are entirely fabricated).

So, how do you access it? With the SV button and the new "STACK" menu.

ooo shiny

Click that and the interface will pop up. Showing you, costs and the like.

How do I see how much scrap I have to pay for any of the stuff I want to stack??
It's at the top, bubba!
WTF does UNSTACKED and OK mean?

The status refers to if the amount of the item in your inventory is either in one stack (OK) or in multiple stacks (UNSTACKED).

So at a glance, you can now see "Status: OK" and know you don't need to keep on mashing the button to stack the items and spend your scrap.

Why is Cost in Red, ffs!

Cost is in Red if you can't afford it (the scrap amount on the top of the screen is less than the cost it would be to stack the items).

Ugh, how do we even stack stuff now? What's the command??!

The UI now has buttons that let you stack the items in a single click, and not need to worry about typing in any lengthy commands. Of course, you're welcome to do so, but the UI is faster if you've got a lot of stuff to stack.

Wow what a great addition to an already great plugin on an already great server! How can I help out or get involved? Or show my appreciation?

You can join our discord, links can be found in game on our info panel if you want to give feedback or join in our discussions. If you'd like to go the extra mile and help with our server costs and get something in return, you can check out our donation rewards here: Sunset Valley Shop | Donation rewards