June 20, 2022

Backpacks für alle

Backpacks für alle

Who isn't tired of getting their inventory full on a lovely loot run and having to choose on their way back home? *raises hand*. But yes, you read the header correctly! We're now releasing a row of backpack space for everyone so that you guys will be able to bring home some more!

Upping wood and stone privilege

Since we still want to pay back people helping us keeping the server running we will be upping both wood and stone privilege with one row, so that wood is now 3 rows and stone will be 4 rows. Metal will remain on 5 rows and HQM on 7 rows.

I also want to shout out a big thanks to all of our donors!

For those of you that are in game it might need a relog to get the backpack.

Yours truly,