September 15, 2022

Zippedi doo

Zippedi doo

Do you think the owners have now lost it completely? Ziplines already exist in game..!

"I use them for travelling all the time" - Noone ever

Well you better change that mindset because deployable ziplines will be arriving in a Skill Tree near you! Yeah, you heard us!

Who hasn't always dreamed of travelling far across the map at their own terms but managing a car, mini or a horse feels like too much effort? Well, just get that Skill Tree perm and get that zipline tool out of your pocket! Place it, use it and then pick it right back up! Travelling across the map will be as easy as breathing!

How to zipline

Here is a short tutorial on how to do it:

Aim that bish (zipline tool) and release the trigger and you'll have a nice starter point
Attack again to set the end point

Now you've made yourself a very nice zipline to use

To pick it up you simply grab a hammer or your zipline tool and pick it up.


Ziplines will decay after 5 minutes, however, if they're protected by a TC (one end is enough) they will stay protected as well.

How do I get the Tool?

You know our currency, SVD right? Well get your wallets out and click the new button that you'll get once you've unlocked the node on the tree.

Zip for Zipline. CBL for Cable

It'll cost you 300 SVD for the tool itself (a sexy AF crossbow), and the cable will cost you 1 scrap per metre. "Yay," I hear you cry, "scrap finally has another use!" As buying 1 metre or ft of cable at a time is pretty laborious, the [CBL] button on the SV Menu will buy it in increments of 100. Nifty!

We've loved testing this out on the server and we're sure you will too, giving you a new way to get around and explore those hard-to-reach places!

As always, we kinda love to hear from you so let us know on the Discord how you get on with it!