September 16, 2022

September mid wipe-wipe

September mid wipe-wipe
Lovely treasure you got going there Will!

Weird having another wipe after just two weeks, isn't it? The fresh smell of a new map (or a few too many maps at the same time if you ask me). We had some issues wiping, but nothing we couldn't fix in the end.

No one saw the floating trees right? - J

Back to the 4,500 size this wipe, so a little less crowded this wipe, not as many neighbours (well they're not breathing down your neck as much) and a whole lot of new monuments!

Shall we take a deeper dive into what's on the map?

Sunset Diner

That's right she's back! Sunset Diner may not be that new for some players but completely new to others. There are a handful of scientists and a hell of a lot of loot.

Scrap Hawk Down

Did T fly this scrap heli? Maybe?

Yeah....she did - J

It's down and down for good, that's for sure. Don't worry the SAM turret was taken offline by the air defence party while they salvage the wreckage and store it nearby or was it? You should check it out!


Hangars? Karen? Double Brad?! Dwellers? All in the same place? What is this place?! Meet one of our new "buddy monuments".

What's a buddy monument - Everyone

Well thanks for asking. A buddy monument is a monument that you need to bring a friend to for reasons you'll soon figure out.

Mil Trucks

MLRS rocket Storage facility or just a parking garage for trucks? All we know is it's another buddy monument. So bring a friend!

Radio Shack

Abandoned in the frozen wasteland many moons ago, this radio outpost has been uncovered by Cobalt scientists, who've setup camp there.


Joint largest of the new monuments is on one of the roads, be careful of whoever ambushed the crashed Cobalt shipment there!

Overgrown Barge

You've seen it before, but it sank for a few wipes. She's been risen from the ocean depths once more for your looting pleasure!

We hope you enjoy these monuments and we'd, as always, love to hear your feedback on the discord. If you have ideas for a monument or even have your own custom monument you've built in Rust Edit, we'd also love to hear from you and see if we can work it into the Valley.