September 1, 2022

August to September

August to September
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo / Unsplash

Let's Recap!

Lots of new stuff happened in August:  

  • T was on holiday and wasn't the one to wipe you guys for the first time in 1,5 years.
  • J was in charge of the wipe and we must admit, it was such a brave decision voting for a random map, but it seemed to have turned out all right as well, right? I mean, Three Brads?! I was expecting some serious Brad farming, but it seemed like you guys preferred chopping wood this wipe?! I wonder why... evil smirk!
  • We added the ability to loot pretty much everything: Washing machines, big metal boxes, toilets...
Laundry seems to be done.. right?
We've also found some seriously questionable stuff in the trash this wipe..
  • You could be your very own Marcus Ericsson, Lewis Hamilton or Dominic Toretto with the advent of races (/race join) and the opportunity to win 250 SVD.
We also got some enjoyable races together with a very nice price of 250 SVD!
  • Skill Tree (/st) which has given us all the ability to earn xp and more importantly very nice superpowers, or as your MMO players would call them: buffs. This was further enhanced during the wipe with a new skill tree and skill ultimates!
They see me farmin' - they hatin'!
  • If you might have done what T did yesterday and walk across the map, the self-driving trains is a pretty dope thing to have :D
Who IS this guys!?
  • Levels were added to Player Challenges (/pc). Did you want to know how far ahead of everyone you are in terms of level? Well now you can. This will update every time you gain a new level.
  • Lastly, the final RM puzzle remains unsolved. Three of our brave Valleyians managed to brave the watery depths through 6 puzzles to reach the hidden vending machine, so massive props to them, but only 1 of the 4 final puzzles were solved.
And the RM final puzzle still remains unsolved...

As with any good game show, here's what you could have won:

And it's goodies will be wiped away with the rest of the map...

Along with the Rust Mart Storage and its loot boxes, which will be lost to the wipe as well:

Other changes

We thought it best to include any changes we're making to Sunset Valley behind the scenes that may effect gameplay decisions, like:

"Should I farm trees or boars this wipe?"

We've put together a brief summary that we'll include with the wipe posts going forward.

  • XP Rewards: ? NPCs at Launch Site XP 75 --> 150
  • XP Rewards: ? NPCs at Military Tunnels XP 100 --> 200
  • XP Rewards: ? Chainsaw Tree Hit XP 4 --> 0.8
  • XP Rewards: ? Chainsaw Tree Final Hit XP 20 --> 4
  • XP Rewards: ? Chainsaw Skin Hit XP 5 --> 1
  • XP Rewards: ? Chainsaw Skin Final Hit XP 25 --> 5
  • XP Rewards: ? Jackhammer Node Hit XP 6 --> 1.2
  • XP Rewards: ? Jackhammer Node Final Hit XP 25 --> 5
  • XP Rewards: ? Jackhammer Skin Hit XP 5 --> 1
  • XP Rewards: ? Jackhammer Skin Final Hit XP 25 --> 5
  • Water Decay: ? Outside decay minutes on submarines 180 --> 480
  • Water Decay: ? Outside decay minutes on rowboats 180 --> 480
  • Water Decay: ? Deepwater decay minutes on submarines 120 --> 2800
  • Water Decay: ? Deepwater decay minutes on rowboats 120 --> 2800

New Stuff!

Our Sunset Valley Dollar (SVD) has finally got its own coin symbol in game. About time, right? You'll see this down in the bottom corners where the $ used to be

You'll of course want a bit of a close up to actually see what it says right? Of course you do

Don't confuse this however with the new SUNSET VALLEY CROOOOOWN.. insert partying emoji here...Wait, what?! Another currency? Yeah, you heard right!

"But Mommmmmm, Daddddddddddd, why are you guys making it so complicated for us?!?! We can't even deal with Florints and Euros and Baht in real life!"

We thought you guys liked cash? So we thought we'd rewards you with the option to make some more. It may be another command for you to learn but you guys and gals are quick learners!

Let us present to youuuuuuu...*Drum roll*......*extended drum roll*....

Yes, you are correct, we now have our own daily challenges and with that comes ofc... The CROWN STORE. Did you guys also hear the dramatic music in the background? No? Just us? Ok...

How does it work?

The battle pass is a way for you guys to complete different tasks - and collect rewards for it (IKR!?). Every day you get four daily tasks which is awarded with 1 Crown each + one bigger "main" task which is awarded with 3 Crowns.

  • 4 Tasks rewards 1 Crown
  • The Challenge of the day rewards 3

To get the menu up, type /pass in chat. Here you can see the dailies (missions/challenges/whatever you'd like to call them), the store and your inventory.

In the store you trade your earnt Crowns for boxes containing different stuff. You can see the possible awards for each box to the right (no, you don't get all of them - you get one lol). It's a bit of a gamble, but ohhh the rewards! This for basically doing nothing but playing the game as you usually do it. Sounds like a win to us!

SV Dailies

5 daily quests should be a breeze for our seasoned vets!

So here the "main" task is crafting 15 rockets and the other ones are daily smaller tasks.

SVC Store

What can you spend these Crowns/SVC on? Well we've got crates of goodies for you to pick through, and you might just find a gem in each of them.

Sooo much to choose from! Where to begin!?

Click on "Look" to open up any of them and see what you can get.

Ah yes, early wipe - let's start with mats! 

You can then spend your hard-earned SVC by clicking "Open" - You'll get a pop up asking if you're sure, then you'll get your Reward:

Well, thank you RNG Gods!

This will be saved in your little warehouse within battlepass which you can then click on to retrieve at any time.

Straight into your /pass inventory

After which, it will be sent to your inventory for you to use. Try to ensure you have space to claim the item before you do click anything in your inventory, just in case!

And boom! Over to yours! 

Pretty much as easy as it gets, right? Amazing!

Big Thanks

Thanks once again to all our donors this wipe, you keep us alive for another month:

Enjoy your new wipe - we know we will!