October 13, 2022

Voting perk

Voting perk
Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash

As you might have seen we have increased our activity on being visible across the globe including trying to get you guys to vote for us at rust-servers.net.

As you're all aware of we already have a title for our most devoted player of the wipe, [CLINGY]. Read more about it here: https://sunsetvalley.eu/most-time-played-reward/

Well now, as a thank you we have now added a new title for our top voter of the month - [UPVOTED]. Yes, unfortunately this is per month, not per wipe, which means you might receive (but also lose) your title late wipe.

Wow, talk about feeling like Daenerys Targaryen.. 

But you probably know us by now. We don't do it half way. Of course we're gonna throw in a few nice things as a thank you. Soooo, the [UPVOTED] title comes with:

  • No cooldown on your bed or sleeping bag
  • Workbench access throughout your building privilege
  • Three row backpack

However, to make this a little bit fair, there will be a requirement of 10 votes per month to gain the title. Jay and I will vote but will not be a part of your competition. If there's a draw, one of the players will be randomly selected and the other(s) will receive an XP reward.

Today for us

Tomorrow for you <3

Vote here!