November 2, 2023



Guess who's back, back again? Well, this time it isn't the real slim shady but your favourite Valley! It's November and we've put away our Halloween candy and started to warm up Mariah's vocal chords πŸŽ…Just kidding! We've got sooo much to do in between and it's time to get going!


We have a brand new wipe ahead of us and we also have quite a few things that are new to us as well. Most of it is staying, some of it has had some changes to it, some are gone and a few things are new. Sooo get your glasses on and RTFB πŸ₯³


πŸ†• AUTO PURGE - Server will start deleting bases after 7 days of inactivity to save up on memory and increase server performance.

πŸ†• TECH TREE DISABLED - Items need to be found, researched, traded, sold.. Go farm!

πŸ†• WIND TURBINES - Lag machines are gone - but who need those - we got test gens!

πŸ†• SLAP - Don't empty the crate? Feel the pain.. Or not but at least feel the slap! πŸ˜‚

πŸ†• UNDERWATER VEHICLES - You tend to get your car or mini stuck in the water a lot? Now you can get out of your trouble even without a stepbroπŸ₯³

πŸ†• ARMOUR UPDATE - Bleeding, drowning, heat and fall will now cause damage to your armour. It will take the same amount of damage as you are.

πŸ†• LETHAL HEADSHOTS - Your headshots are now lethal. Even to heavies at oilrigs 😏

πŸ†• ANTI TRESPASSING - Unauthorised people can't build twig or place ladders on your base. Still works in Raidable Bases.

πŸ†• STACKSIZES - Β Wood, stone, met frags and hqm = 10.000, components = 50, pistol and 5.56 = 256 Β 

πŸ†• SKILL TREE - Will wipe every month. The "winner" (the one with the most xp) will receive 5 skill points to use for next wipe.

➑️ RAIDABLE BASES - Are now paid with scrap and rewards for finishing are in scrap (1/5 of what you pay), to the one who owns the raid.

πŸ†• FUSED RECYCLERS - You now need a fuse to operate a recycler.

πŸ†• REFERRALS- Get rewarded for bringing more friends to the Valley! Use the command /refer <name> to let us know who got you into the server and you both will be rewarded πŸ₯³

⬇️ POWER PLANT EVENT and SVSS will take a break and will hopefully join us in an event rotation further on.

⬇️ SVD has taken a break and reward shop is disabled and under evaluation.


πŸ†• CLEAR AND SHORTER NIGHTS - Nights are now always clear and are now only 5 minutes.

πŸ†• GRAVESTONE ON DEATH - You now get a gravestone where you died. It stays for 10 minutes or until you die the next time.

πŸ†• TRASHCAN- Get your own trashcan. Hold a large box and type /trash in chat to turn it into a trash can. Everything you put in it will now disappear as soon as you exit the box. When you put items in it it will instantly destroy them so be careful.

πŸ†• NAME YOUR WEAPON - Rename your weapon by holding it and typing /ct in chat followed by the name you want to give it, for exampe /ct "Theri's AK" gives you this lovely fellow. Don't forget to use "" when adding multiple values.


πŸ†• MINI LICENSE PLATE - You can now customise your mini by adding your own license plate to it.

πŸ†• STORAGE- now three rows of storage tied to your mini and six rows of storage on the scrappy.

πŸ†• HELI CALLING - Now with scrap instead of SVD/RP with the command /callheli.


Updated perks that come with most time spent and most voted have had a slight change of perks. Quicksmelt is gone (not like it ever worked well in the first place #burntmeat) and it's replaced by a 2x recycling speed.

πŸ†• RECYCLING: 2x recycling speed

➑️ SPAWNING: Bed cool down (works only on beds and sleeping bags - not caravan)

➑️ SMELTING: Furnace splitter

➑️ BACKPACK: 3 rows of backpack

⬇️ QUICKSMELT: Removed shop

The shop has had a small update and is still a work in progress so please be patient. The packages that are online now should however be working. They're valid for 30 days

πŸ†• SAMARITAN- Simply for donations [Pay what you want]

πŸ†• NO BED COOLDOWN - Β No cooldown on beds or bags while raiding [1 EUR]

πŸ†• SKINS - Β Get access to /skins [2 EUR]

➑️ BACKPACK - A total of 4 rows of backpack space [5 EUR]

➑️ LET THERE BE LIGHT - Test gen, lamps, and a wire tool [5 EUR]

⬆️ RECYCLER - Get a recycler + 2x recycling speed + a lovely title [7.5 EUR]

I thiiiiink that was about it and if you have any questions, well.. I guess I'll be on Discord πŸ˜‚

Now it's time to get your rock ready and go explore πŸ₯³

Yours truly,