April 11, 2023

Clucking awesome UI updates

Clucking awesome UI updates
Well isn't this an eggs-straordinary sight?

So it's been a while since we had a little update so here it goes.. Last wipe we were in a researching stage and we found some pretty cool things that we want to share with you. Obviously we won't push it all at once.. Well. Maybe. We'll see!

Damage hitmarkers

Feel like you keep hitting the same scientist over and over again but they don't seem to not unicorn poop with sparkles die? Well, we got you covered! See damage markers on scientists, animals, Karen etc and see the great amount of damage you deal right there on your screen.

You got a nice damage bar and damage markers on the target
Nearly dead now.. 
Boom! Dead.

Customise your own hit markers (by using the /marker command) and try out what fits you the best.

Ammo hud

Haven't you always wondered how much ammo you got left in your inventory when massfiring your weapon? Well, no need to wonder any longer because it's right here and it is perfect! And the best part. You can choose where to place it!

/ammohud bottom left of your screen 

Positions to choose from: Default, Top, Bottom, Right, Left, BottomRight, BottomLeft, TopRight, TopLeft. How do you do it? So if you want it top you type /ammohud top and you will get the hud right underneath your compass. Our best advice is to try it out and see where it best works for you.

If you feel like you can manage without you can always toggle it on and off with /ammohud toggle.

Good job beee for creating this awesome plugin!

Hope you guys enjoy aaaaaand for those of you who celebrate it - rusty easter!

PS. Did you notice you can [STACK] even more things now? 😋