February 5, 2023

Car radios!

Car radios!

Have you ever wanted to untz untz untz while driving around the map? Disturbing the neighbourhood late at night? Well gg's to your nextdoor neighbour (and everyone else on the island..) because your dreams just came true!

How to

You want it and you want it now? Surely, that's understandable. Then you need to know how to do it, right? It's actually very easy.

To attach a radio you simply look at your car and type /attachradio in chat and to remove you look at your car type /removeradio. These commands have also been added in the commands tab.

The best part? It also works on other vehicles!

What the command does is that it adds a portable boom box to your vehicle. Then you can select your channel just as you would on a regular boom box (holding E and choosing radio settings). Then you just hit that red button and BOOM (box)!

If you're missing your preferred radio station, find the stream of it and post it in the #Ideas channel on Discord and we can look into making it an SV reality