December 13, 2021

Box sharing

Box sharing

Hey guys!

I thought I was gonna start to explain a bit about how some of the plugins work. To prevent stealing on the server, we're using a plugin to prevent unwanted looting. This requires you to have a lock on your TC, because people authorized on TC and people in your team will be able to loot your boxes (and since people can't break TC's you are safe with this). If you don't type in any additional commands your loot will only be accessible to your team and people with TC auth.

I know that a lot of you still want to be able to share stuff with your fellow players and you can do that with these commands. To use them, you look at the box you want to share and type the command in game chat.

/share - Allow access to all players

/share username - Allow access only to certain players

/unshare - Deny access from all players

/unshare username - Deny access to a specific players only

/sharelist - List of permissions for the entity

/shareclear - Clear the list of permissions for the entity

/checkit - Checking loot protection

This plugin does not only prevent box looting, but also looting of other entities, such as furnaces, refineries, lockers etc. as long as it's within your building privilege.

Hope you enjoy it!