October 6, 2022

October Wipe

October Wipe

October Wipe is minutes away!

Patch + verify + await the server update

But before that, we've got the SV institution of a wipely blog post with all the features, recaps and abuse you've come to know and love! Whoosh! Let's get straight into it!

September Wipes recap

Yeah, you read that right: "WIPES with an S" - Not just one but two wipes in September!

Wipe 1: Tiny Donut

Our smallest map...ever...by some margin. It also did come with some difficulty associated with the size, although we all were chummy neighbours (for the most part). Some of you built a big boat which we blew up, while others pretended to be vampires or doctors or something (I struggle to keep up!)

Ahoy, hoy Badly!

Wipe 2: Procedural with some of our homegrown monuments

As raidable bases - you know the things you can call in using the funky new menu that's opened using the SV icon in the top right - weren't really playing ball with the Donut (ugh, I hate typing that...it's Doughnut!) given it's size. We added some custom goodies to a good old procedural map.

Hopefully you all had a chance to explore the delights of Scrap Hawk Down, got to get trapped in MilTrucks because you forgot to bring a friend or encountered the bandits at Ambush.

So f!cking pretty
So much loot


?We're going through channnnggggeessss?

No clue who sang that song by the way...I hear your shocked gasps...I've noted them. Anyway, let's do this. Just like those ghosts of Christmas, we'll be running through what's changed, what's changing and what might change...oooooo triple threat!

The Past

Changes last wipe

In case you haven't read the blog for a while. We added a massive series of content drops all over your faces. We've even been so kind to include links back to those posts down below.

  1. New Branding - Doesn't the site and server look sexy AF now? Wait, what, you didn't notice?! B-b-b-but the pretty purple logos, and the colour scheme of a sunset (yes, we put thought into it!).
  2. SV Button - a UI update to get access to pretty much all the content we offer
  3. Info - a beautiful new info panel where you can get all the details on the server, redeem your kits and read our rules
  4. Raid Me - a new way to test your defences against waves of NPCs trying to blow your TC
  5. Chad Skill Tree - skills to unlock new content to help your progression within Sunset Valley. These range from being able to use ziplines to finding new loot drops to more Raid difficulties
  6. Ziplines - with the right skill unlocked you can now zip across the map with your very own ziplines
  7. Tiered Loot - normal M2s are pretty boring, everyone's got one, some even think having 3 is special. Well if they're not S tier maxed out with the set bonus you want is it really an M2? Our Tiered Loot update added exactly that. Enabling you to receive drops, craft, break down and enhance your loot.
  8. Parachutes - so you've flown your mini way up high and hit space bar by mistake? No problem, just deploy you parachute. Oh wait. You didn't unlock it on the Chad Skill Tree yet? Well I'm sure you still have a few more seconds before spla-— ah well, someone better clean up that human sized pizza outside Oxum's. Parachutes gives you just that - a parachute, so you can safely float down to the island. The top tier of parachute gives you a view of Rust you've never experienced before.
  9. Supply Drops - the image below was a mistake when we trialled the new mass drop feature. 600 supply drops, each with 5-10 scientists and there was zero lag. It's unlikely we'll be doing it on a regular basis, but there are some other cool features like space drops (which drop the supply drop VERY quickly) and send to all (which sends a drop to everyone online).
  10. Capture The Flag - you all know it, you all love it, we've got some regular PVP on the server. Yes, that's right, you can finally headshot your beloved cohorts as they're running off with the flag. We've currently got one arena with a nice mix of pythons and grenades to play with! It's also a regular source of SVD!

I don't know about you but I'm tired just reading all that, imagine having to make and implement it!

Also imagine having to fight all the scientists that came with these...

Alongside those new features we've also made changes to existing ones:

  • Epic Loot: ? Enhance costs 100 --> 10
  • SVD Rewards: ? Happy Hour 18:30 to 07:30 (up from 22:00 to 06:00)
  • XP Rewards: ? Happy Hour 18:30 to 07:30 (up from 22:00 to 06:00)
  • XP Rewards: ? Bandit Camp NPCs 50 -> 300
  • JB Craft: ⏩ Fuel now Stackable
  • JB Craft: ⏩ Stack Cost Fuel - 100

We also fixed a clash with the automated racetracks that was stopping it from working. You can all get your Dom Toretto's on again!

The Present

Changes for this wipe

This wipe we're going for another player voted procedural map from our discord channel. Here's the map in case you've been living under a rock:

Map 3500 / 103547758 - RustMaps.com

We'll be including the following custom monuments that we've designed:

  • Scrap Hawk Down
  • Hangars
  • Radio shack
A little old place where scientists get together

As for the plugins and XP use, we've changed the following to mix up content a bit:

  • XP Rewards: ? Underwater Scientists xxx -> xxx
  • Epic Loot: ⏩ Mission rewards can now be epic
  • Epic Loot:  ? Mission Drop Chance 25% -> 33%
  • Epic Loot: ? Crafting chance 1% -> 3%
  • JB Craft: ⏩ Medsticks now Stackable
  • JB Craft: ⏩ Stack Cost Medstick - 100
  • JB Craft: ? Stack Cost Rockets - 1,000,000 -> 1000
  • JB Craft: ? Stack Cost Fuel - 100 -> 20
  • JB Craft: ? Stack Cost Char - 100 -> 20
  • JB Craft: ? Stack Cost Sulf - 100 -> 20

The Future

Upcoming features in the pipeline

We've always got plans for where we're heading, the puzzles and drowning and all that other stuff are sidetracks from the main path. I mean the TikTok with all your attempts to get past sharks hit over a million views. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. We'd like to give you a little flavour of Sunset Valley's Staging Branch and the things we're working on.


Skill tree is part of adding a fully working progression system to Sunset Valley, over the next coming wipes we'll also be looking to expand that so content will be unlocked gradually with your playtime and experience - helping new players ease into the Valley and explore all its features. The idea would be to have these features (such as skill tree or raidable bases) unlock with your level.

An example of that would be something like the below, of course maybe not as drastic as that but I hope you get the picture:

  • Level 2 - Skill Tree with 1 generic skill tree. This skill tree can then unlock others.
  • Level 5 - Easy Raidbases and backpacks
  • Level 6 - Pistols and Green card monuments unlock
  • Level 10 - Chad Skill Tree unlocks
  • Level 15 - You start being eligible for special drops from barrels
  • Diet's Level + 1 - Unlock Prestige and start over for a permanent bonus

Other features tied to the progression system would be updating loot tables to include items that can grant either xp or even SP as rare rewards to give you satisfaction from that 10,000th barrel you've smashed this wipe.

Thoughts or comments? Drop them in the Ideas channel in the discord with the #SVProgression hashtag


Now the rebranding has taken shape, we're also looking to expand our offering to you, our players, in the form of physical merch. We know you'd love a mug of T, errr, filled with coffee!

Thoughts or comments? Drop them in the Ideas channel in the discord with the #SVMerch hashtag

Fixed Map

Another thing we'd like to do is have a fixed map so we can build new content onto it. Most of the plugins for automated events require us to set them up with each wipe from scratch. By having a fixed map, we could then:

  • Add fixed human NPCs (like Outpost or Bandit) onto it to give you custom missions
  • Add pathways for custom Brad routes
  • Have multiple PVP arenas/maps
  • Bring back automated trains
  • Have a Rust Mart Hub you could TP to or bank to deposit items across wipes
Thoughts or comments? Drop them in the Ideas channel in the discord with the #SVMap hashtag

Voting and Referral Rewards

The final thing we wanted to tease was regarding Voting and Referral Rewards. We always want to see more of you exploring the Valley we've created over the past nearly 2 years and trying out our great new content like CTF (imagine that with 30 of you - beautiful chaos!). Ideally, we'd like to give something back to you guys to reward you for that with in game rewards for players you've referred or when you've voted on sits such as rust-servers.net. Those could be in the form of SP or maybe supply drops, because everyone loves a gamble.

Wait, what do you mean you haven't even voted yet? Shame on you. Click below NOW!

Thoughts or comments? Drop them in the Ideas channel in the discord with the #SVPromo hashtag

We Love Y'all!

Even though it may not always seem like it!

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A big congrats to BadlyWayne for making it to Twitch Affiliate, he'll also be running a live stream "Wayne drops for loneliness" this Saturday at 20:00 CEST.

Even before Covid, 1 in 5 people frequently reported feeling lonely in the UK. And as things begin returning to normal, loneliness still affects a vast majority of people.

In support of the British Red Cross Operation: Anti-Loneliness campaign, I will be livestreaming Rust where I wake up alone, with just a rock and a torch and have to survive a hostile environment of bears, wolves, AI baddies and the elements. We'll meet friends and join together to complete challenges while learning about Loneliness and how to tackle it.

As the Streamer Land event is running in Rust at the moment you can also claim drops and in-game skins if you own the game just by watching and enjoying his content.

With that, we wish you all a great October wipe and see you around the Valley!