February 2, 2023

January Wipe Summary

January Wipe Summary

January wipe has come to an end we've had a fun wipe and we're now looking forward to all of the new exciting content that February is gonna bring for us. This is why we  decided not to smack a bunch of extra content in your faces for wipe day but thought you should get to enjoy the game added content first. Then.. We'll see...

But first.. A little summary of what we've been up to during January.

SV Nature

Now we've tested out some lovely nature stuff. Hope you've enjoyed it as much as we are. If you're still struggling to remove the animals, you can find how to in the original blog post. If you don't get your MMB to work properly, you can find how to solve it in the FAQ channel on Discord.

And next wipe I (T) promise you guys not to wipe all the entities a few days into wipe... 😅

Monument locks

Seems we were off to a rough start with the plugin that stopped calling and locking randomly after a while, but helping and communicating with the author got us to where we wanted in the end and now it's running very smoothly and it's gonna be interesting to see a wipe day where everything should be called in chat. Imagine - no more frustration coming to an already looted monument.. Sounds like angels are singing, right?

Filters in chat

To make Sunset Valley the safest space on earth we decided to add chat filters. We haven't had a big issue with people coming in spamming bad stuff, but we'd rather be safe than sorry. We can't be around 24/7 and this is a way for us to secure your safety. We were off to a bit of a rough start where players got kicked for using bad language, but now it seems to be working well.

Discord update

In the end of January our Discord channel had a little makeover. This so it will be easier to navigate and find what you're looking for. We've added some, we've removed some and we've remodelled some. So... What's new?


We've always considered ourselves to have the same rules of just not being a d*ck on Discord as well as the server, so it shouldn't be something that you guys currently aren't following anyway. We don't really see this as an issue, but wanted to make it clearer 😊


We now have forums, which are searchable (only by title) to make it easier to see if an idea might have been suggested earlier.


We've also added an FAQ, where we will add things we feel is.. Well, frequently asked to help you guys out.

AFK Channel

When you've been sleeping for too long (currently set to 15 minutes), you will end up muted in the AFK channel.

Player events

We do encourage player built events that you guys make for each other - creations by players for players. We've now created a Discord channel for that where you're able to publish your events in the right folder (per wipe).

These events will be saved in the wipe folders and if you're ever looking for inspiration you can always go back and have a look.

This wipe Chiniro made an escape room / prison break in K9 for all of you to enjoy. A great way of spending your last week of wipe and to get that creativity flowing.

We're looking forward to see new creations next wipe 😋


You guys have been super active in #ideas channel on Discord, which is SUPER cool! Thanks a lot for sharing our interest in trying to make the server better, we really appreciate it. Some ideas are possible, some ideas will take a little more time and some ideas we feel like they don't really go with our idea of the server, but we really appreciate that you're putting it out there for us to investigate so keep up the good work 🥳

Sellables in [SHOP]

We've added some more things to sell in the [SHOP] during this month, for you guys to gain even more RP. Some of them are set lower than 1, so if it doesn't show it doesn't mean you didn't get RP, it increments in the background. No need to worry. Here is a list of what is sellable right now:

  • Aiming modules (1 RP)
  • Barrel costume (1 RP)
  • Crate costume (1 RP)
  • Ghost costume (1 RP)
  • Scare crow suit (1 RP)
  • Duct tape (1 RP)
  • Surgeon scrubs (1 RP)
  • SV comps  (0.1 RP)
  • Geiger counter (1 RP)
  • SVSS Cargo Access card (1 RP)
  • Multiple Grenade Launcher (1 RP)
  • L96 (1 RP)
  • M249 (1 RP)
  • SVSS rocket launcher  (1 RP)
  • HMLMG (1 RP)
  • Prototype 17 (1 RP)
If you'd like to see anything else to the [SHOP], feel free to ask in #Ideas on the Discord and we can see what we can work out


Same as always, we have our most voted and active playtime titles. For the second month in a row for all three of these guys as well. Keep up the good work!

  • [UPVOTED] DietGrapeUK and Itachi for voting for our server the most
  • [CLINGY] CaptainDeadpool for topping the active playtime table

If you also want the very nice [UPVOTED] title, make sure you vote for us, your favourite PVE server 🫡


In January we were able to make quite a few changes on the server. We've posted some of these in a previous post and now we have a full list of things.

  • 🛠 SVSS Event: Loot issues fixed
  • 🆕 Chat command: !skipnight
  • 🆕 Lootables: More added
  • 🆕 Titles/Challenges: Golden banner if you're #1
  • 🆕 Titles/Challenges: "Wealthiest" and "Spent the most" titles added
  • 🆕 Chat: New filters added
  • 🆕 Chat: Possibility to @ someone
  • 🆕 Server: Automated advertisement name kick
  • 🆕 Blog: The ability to search
  • 🆕 [SHOP]: Added box bundles, gear sets and decoration kits
  • 🆕 [SHOP]: Added pictures - thanks @BadlyWayne for helping
  • 🆕 Webshop: Updated the recycler part since it wasn't working properly.
  • 🆕 SkillTree: Blacksmith and tree regrowth added
  • 🆕 jbCraft: Added the possibility to cap
  • 🆕 Discord: Makeover - forums, rules, and announcements channels added
  • 🆕 Discord: New server emotes and emojis
  • 🆕 Monument calls: Added a plugin to call monuments in chat + locking them
  • 🆙 [SHOP]: Added items to sell
  • 🆙 jbCraft: Added pookies, recycled, arctic suits, arctic scientist suits and 5.56
  • ⏬ NPC Shops: Removed autorefil for fertilizer

On top of this we've also updated 10+ plugins to make the server run as nice and smoothly as possible for you.

Huge Thanks

A big big thank you to our donators this month, who have helped keep Sunset Valley going and keeping our content nice and fresh.

  • Will
  • Bramleo
  • Raynion
  • JED
  • Virrepanna
  • Gogrogg

We Love Y'all!

Even though it may not always seem like it!

Help keep the Sun rising and setting in the Valley by clicking here

Now we're only minutes away from a fresh new start. Have a nice February wipe!