January 13, 2023

January wipe

January wipe

We're now a week into our lovely Birthwipe and things are running pretty smoothly if I may say so myself. We've had a few broken plugins and right now parachutes is the only one still broken and we're waiting for it to be updated. We've reached out to the author and we're hoping to get an answer soon. So.. Don't use the chute for now - no refunds if you die🫡


While you have been busy farming and building, we have been busy making surprisingly many changes and updates to the server - all to make your stay as pleasant and balanced as possible.

  • 🛠 SVSS Event: Loot issues fixed
  • 🆕 Chat command: !skipnight
  • 🆕 Lootables: More added
  • 🆕 Titles/Challenges: Golden banner if you're #1
  • 🆕 Titles/Challenges: "Wealthiest" and "Spent the most" titles added
  • 🆕 Chat: New filters added
  • 🆕 Chat: Possibility to @ someone
  • 🆙 [SHOP]: Added items to sell
  • 🆙 jbCraft: Added pookies, recycled, arctic suits and arctic scientist suits
  • ⏬ NPC Shops: Removed autorefill for fertilizer


Added more items to sell to [SHOP]:

  • Barrel costume, Crate costume, Scarecrow suit, Ghost costume, Lumberjack hoodie, Surgeon scrubs
  • MLRS Aiming module, Duct tape, Geiger Counter, Purple SVSS card, SV Comps
  • Multiple Grenade Launcher, SVSS Rocket Launcher, HMLMG, Prototype 17

The plan is to implement more to buyables and retire some of the old ones.

Player challenges

We've implemented a couple of new titles - wealthiest player and the most SVD spent - because who wouldn't want to show off their wealth? *looking around completely innocent*. Well together with last wipes latest adds of events and raid bases we think we've pretty much covered everything (and more!) and we hope you do enjoy!

For an easier Chad overview the challenges that you currently #1 in will now light up in gold so you can see your Chad progress. First one to get a full golden screen will be granted eternal glory! Or.. At least for a wipe or two 😊


We've added a chat filter for vulgar/toxic/racist/homophobic language. No one will be kicked/banned/muted and it's more for the sake of keeping a good language and respect towards one another both in team chat and in global.

We've also added in the possibility to @ eachother and it will highlight to the colour your name is, it will also play a sound altering you that you've had a message in Chat.

Sneak Peak

Currently we're looking at bringing a level of randomisation to monuments to freshen up your loot runs. They may come with additional risk and/or rewards.

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