January 21, 2023

Stop calling monuments

Stop calling monuments

Wait what? Hold my beer? Are they drunk? Not really. We tell you guys to trust the process and we mean it. Every wipe we have the same reoccuring issue. People forget to announce in chat (or they haven't read the rules ooooor.. they simply don't carešŸ¤«) and how would we prevent that? By simply removing the rule that you have to do it.

Automization is king

But moooom! How will we know if someone is doing a monument? This is like a foundation in Sunset Valley being wiped faster than FacePunch can say broken plugins! What's going on?! Tell uuuuus!

Easy! You just don't call it. All monuments that needs calling will from now on be called automatically in chat. OMG, right!? And would you like to know something even more fantastic? During your visit, the monument will be locked to you and your team to enjoy. Other people will be able to attack, but they won't be able to loot. This because if you visited a locked monument and got attacked by an npc or an animal you wouldn't be able to defend yourself and that would sort of suck plus the fact that you wouldn't be able to loot your body until the monument was unlocked.

This means that you guys don't have to remember calling monuments and we get rid of the going vs doing. You guys can keep on saying "going loil" so that people will know you're heading there, but bear in mind - the monument won't be yours until it's locked.

Included monuments

So what monuments are included in this fine piece of plugin that will do your work for you?

  • Both Harbours
  • Arctic Research Base
  • Military Tunnels
  • Power Plant
  • Dome
  • Both Oil Rigs
  • Launch Site
  • Abandoned Military Base
  • Satellite Dish
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Underwater Labs
  • Excavator
  • Junkyard
  • Airfield
  • Sewer Branch

So you go ahead and tag one of these monuments and it will be locked to you.. Until it's not šŸ˜…


Of course the locking is followed by an unlocking - even if it would be pretty nice to have Launch all to yourself for the rest of the wipe, right? How do you unlock when done? Well, there are a few different ways:

  • By timing out after 30 minutes (to prevent people AFKing in monuments keeping other people from doing them)
  • By doing actions outside the monument
  • By timing out 10 minutes after you've left the locked monument but haven't done any actions

When it's unlocked it can be locked again immediately, but puzzles etc will still reset with normal vanilla timers.


Collectables does not count as lootables and will still be able to be looted, meaning wood, ores etc. will still be lootable. As will diesel barrels.


Sniping the scientists at the Excavator from far far far away will not lock it to you and if you're only after the longest PVE kill title - that's great. If you intend to loot the bad boys you should lock the monument to you so nobody else comes around to loot it.

Launch site

The entire Launch Site will be locked to the looting player and their team. Bradley can be killed BUT can't be mined or looted until the looting team has left or the timer has run out. We say if you want Brad - do actions at launch to lock it.

If you choose to take on Bradley regardless you might end up without the loot but since it wasn't yours to claim it won't be a reason to report.

Dying in a locked monument

If you die in a monument locked to you it will unlock when you're doing other actions and if somebody else locks it you won't be able to loot your body until it's unlocked.

Karen and Cargo

Tagging Karen and claiming (normal spawn) Cargo ship still needs to be called in chat since they're considered to be events and not monuments.

Good to know

So what else can we tell you that might be good to know? Apart from all of the useful information above that is.. Hmm.. Well we guess we can share a few more things:


Recyclers will not work for you in a locked monument that is locked to somebody else. Either you're invited to their team (can be done temporarily and it takes like a second for the plugin to update) or you simply wait until they leave/time out. Ā 

Moving things in your inventory

This won't be possible when you're in a monument that is locked to somebody else. But hey, we don't really see an issue with this since you're the one that decided to run someone elses locked monument.. But if you're unlucky and Karen comes around, either hide from her or run outside the monument and move your stuff.


Shooting bots also locks the monuments to you and they will therefore also lock to you so nobody can get the amazing loot that the Junkyard bots have for you.

If you like what we do..

.. or just think we're the funniest people on earth

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We would like to highlight that this isn't really an issue with our regular players, but we know that we all think it's very annoying when you travel half the map and end up with an empty monument - especially on wipe day(!) and this is our way of helping prevent that.