August 19, 2022

Rust Mart - Final Puzzle - Part 1

Rust Mart - Final Puzzle - Part 1

Unsolved Mystery - Untapped Reward

Rust Mart remains unsolved - there are 4 puzzles to solve to get through the final door to the loot. Congrats to River for making it this far. Over the next few days, the puzzles will be released until a winner is crowned.

Each step of the puzzle will reward a recycler being placed on the map at a location of the person's choice at a "monument"

For each one we are looking for a single number.

Answers on the back of a self-addressed post card in the new discord thread. Only one answer per person. Fastest wins the round. Be prepared to show your working.

Today's Puzzle - Trivia Round

Hidden Box Rewards Reveal

I thought I may as well give you a sneak peak of what's in the final box as well. The first quarter of the rewards:

Good luck!