August 21, 2022

Rust Mart - Final Puzzle - Parts 2 & 3

Rust Mart - Final Puzzle - Parts 2 & 3

Congrats to Enigmatic Badger for solving the first part of the puzzle.

The answer was of course 3.

For those of you that didn't quite get to that number, the solution is below, and it involved you travelling around the map to find the clues.

How Many Brads?

There are of course 3 Bradley APCs on the map this time round. They can all be found patrolling in their respective locations:

  • The MLRS Base in T20
  • Patrolling Ireland
  • Launch Site

Teams at the Race Track

Race Track has been one of the most popular monuments this wipe with its abundance of fuel and engines to unscrew! The clue however was a little more cryptic. If you've seen any motorsports you may have got it straight away. This was simply counting the trailers in the paddock to get 7.

Number of swings

This involved our explorers trekking to two locations on the map and finding some swings for an answer of 3 again.

  • On the AA21 border was a park with 2 swings
  • U30 had a sole tyre swing

Standing Stones

Finally, there are 26 standing stones at Stone Henge

Go on...count them then

Put them all together and what ya got?

This was simply repetitively adding the digits together until you came to a single number.

  • 3 Brads
  • 7 Teams
  • 3 Swings
  • 26 Stones

Taking the answers from the parts of the puzzle, you added them together to get 21, then adding those digits gives 3.

3 + 7 + 3 + 2 + 6

= 21

2 + 1

= 3


After all that what did Badger win?

A brand new recycler deployed for you all to use in the Petrol Station in AC27

More recyclers on the map! YAY!

Well that's part 1 out of the way and I can hear the sighs of exasperation already! What about parts 2 and 3?! Same as before. First to answer for each part correctly in the discord channel will get to choose where a new recycler goes.

Part 2 - Sudoku

Straight forward puzzle to get the second digit of the final lock.

You've all done one of these before!

Part 3 - The one where you'll go WTAF?!

This is less that straightforward but does still involve places that can be found in game. There are some clues on the board now in yellow and red, but that's all you're getting for the 3rd clue.


Happy puzzling!

Oh, before I forget, I should probably reveal some more goodies in the final box!