January 20, 2022

Jay's Crafting Expansion

All about the new plugin hitting rust, jbCraft

Jay's Crafting Expansion
Honestly I'm winging it half the time!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you're saying: "but Jay, where's the second half of your first post about your first plugin?" - I hear you, but thought you might want to get your teeth into a plugin I actually wrote from scratch rather than is just a linkage between two of our other plugins!

Yeah? Good. OK, let's get to it!

Ever wanted to craft a Test Gen? Of course you have, who wouldn't want the ability to craft one of the most sought after items in the game. Well you all now have that ability with the new command /craft.

Craft can either be run as is to see what things you can make, or with an argument.

//Prints out a list of craftable items
//Use these as arguments in the command
//Anything not listed won't craft
oooooo look at the new things you can get your hands on

As you can see from the glorious screenshot, you've got an ever expanding list of items you can now get your hands on. But how do you know how to craft them? Well that's when you feed them as an argument into the chat command. If the items are split by a space, wrap them in "quotes like this."

/craft "item name"
//Either crafts that item or tells you what components you are missing
RIver might be happy with this one

If you have the items to hand, it will just craft straight away, if not it will tell you what stacks of components you're missing. For the Gas Mask, a much desired item for Sulfur mining, you can see I'm missing a few things that you can find around The Valley.

If you've got everything then you'll see the components disappear from your inventory and the item magically appear. All that hard graft finally paying off.


Wait what's that in the first slot?! More on that later!


I wasn't going to take your leftovers too! Don't worry
Such a clever crafter!

One of the items that we're bringing back into the game is Duct Tape and this will be used, for the most part, in all items. Maybe we'll bring back some other lost components just to add a bit more flavour to this new mechanic, who knows. For now you're using tape!

Not just for binding, gagging and bedroom play. Who knew?!
"But Jay, I'm a certified blacksmith, tailor and electrical engineer, I wouldn't use tape to fix stuff together!"

Yeah you would, because in Rust you're none of those things!

So the big question is where do we get the tape! Well you may want to pay your local market a visit and see what's in stock!

Rust Mart sells other things besides starry rugs, glass garage doors and M2s?!

So what's the catch? Well I wasn't exactly going to let you craft everywhere was I? Make sure you're in range of a Workbench Level 3 to enjoy your new command and all will be fine.

Why isn't it crafting? Why?! WHY!!!!!

So that's it from me for a bit as I seep back into the darkness. Let me know what you think in the Discord and any other additions you'd like to see coming. There are plenty of items that I'm planning on adding, but thought I better start somewhere.