February 3, 2022

Goodbye January!

What a way to start the year - Anniversaries, custom monuments and new plugins! Let's have a look at what we all got up to for 2022's kick off wipe.

We saw over 100 new unique players join the server over the course of January, 80 Helicopters shot down, 200 Brad kills, 400 bases raided, almost 10,000 rockets fired and one player gathering over 1 million wood! So let's crack on with the details!


We saw four events this wipe, do you remember them all? We certainly do.

  • Sunset Locker - For those fortunate enough to have logged in over the 12 days of Chrustmas it was time to claim your rewards. Panda had lovingly put your trophies into his homage to Amazon and you all set about using your new Pumpjacks, sedans and recyclers and got a kick start on all your compadres!
Did you see that neon sign?! - Amazing!
  • Anniversary Cake Hunt - One thing we can all agree on is Panda does amazing builds, and his cake to celebrate Sunset Valley's one year anniversary was amazing. It was the climax of the Cake Hunt event, which saw you all running around the monuments looking for boxes of cake, which had a gorgeous custom skin courtesy of adds_design.
Let the celebrations begin!

The Brad Off at Launch - A mini event that saw a number of Brads with custom stats appear at launch in rather special locations, and saw none other than Itachi claim nearly all their scalps.

What you doing up there boys!
  • The Maze - The ever popular maze saw a return this wipe with a hell of a lot of loot going to the winner and a few special spawns on the roof after. It also saw Therily trying out some new tool available to the mods in terms of customisation.
Mmmmmmmm loot

We all hope you enjoyed the events we put on for you this wipe, as always if they're anything you'd like to see let us know in the Ideas channel on the discord.


Even as a lightly modded server, there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in terms of keeping the plugins well oiled and running as every wipe normally sees a change to some core code that impacts them in one way or another!

  • Feedback Channel - Not a plugin per se, but we are definitely eager to hear your feedback on what you do and don't like. We've already made a multitude of changes based on your feedback on how the plugins function and where major changes occur we always put it to a vote. Some of those changes are reflected below.
  • Supply Signals Lock - One of the last things left to secure the risk element on a PVE server was the supply signals, and this plugin locks and announces those when they are thrown. The plugin wasn't perfect out the box (with the right click functionality not announcing anything) but we managed to modify that mid wipe, along with including the Great Excavator Supply Drops as part of those announcements.
  • Door Closers - For those of you that use the door closers you've found in raidbases, you'll know how much a pain these were on garage doors and floor hatches. With a simple addition to our servers code, those pains have been alleviated and now garage doors close after a longer delay and the door closer for ladder hatches is actually accessible now too!
  • Raidbases - Some of the old raidbases were added to the rotation along with allowing a much larger scope of skins to be found in the raidbases for those that like some variety in "personality." We're looking to add more of the old ones that you all know and love back into the rotation with successive wipes slowly but surely as we need to make modifications to make them work with the automatic spawns.
  • Chat Timestamps - One of the most requested features we implement was timestamps for chat to see when people last called things. That's now there for you!
  • New Challenges - You said you wanted fishing tracked, we heard you. You didn't say anything about Great Excavator supply drops, but it was recently made available, so we added that too! We've now got four pages of challenges and titles to chase. What's your favourite? What titles do you want to see for the challenges? Let us know in the discord!
Master Angler or Baiter...
  • Harbour Event - One of our biggest new plugins was the Harbour Event. This added a new regular event to the map with not only a cargo ship full of loot, but also a custom Brad and Attack Helicopters, with the latter dropping 5 chests each over the regular amount.
Brad or Brit? Karen or Susan?
  • Crafting - One from J, testing out his coding skills. This plugin allows you to craft some of the hard (read impossible) to get items in the game like Scientist or Bandit costumes.
  • All the other stuff - Deployable Nature, which you will have seen in use at the maze event and near the Great Wall of Chad; CopyPaste, which we've restructured into folders to help make use of the save functionality we've given players who want to save their creations this wipe; UberTool, which gives us, the mods, a lot of flexibility on how things can be placed in the rust world (upside down turrets in raidbases anyone?); Tebex, which helps keep our modest shop running and fully integrated into the server to deliver any privileges in real time...And many many more to make the server as secure as possible.


To keep things fresh we also added -  I told you this wipe was huge for us...so huge in fact we've actually got a Trello board to plan out this wipe and next - custom monument to the map. Let us know which ones you've enjoyed the most and any you might like to see!

  • Airships - Not just one pair but two pairs of airships were flying above the map for those adventurous enough to fly up there and fend off the scientists.
  • Rebel Camp - A small camp, situated near sunset diner with a few crates of loot.
  • Sunset Diner - Built from scratch by our owner, Theri, in RustEdit with throwbacks to Sunset Valley lore and scientists to fend off any intruders after those juicy loot crates.

So that' it, but I hear you want more, even if you don't physically say it, I know, deep down, you love reading these posts.

Coming Soon

  • Rustmart 2.0 - Probably not the second iteration, but at least the second iteration that I will have known. It will see the addition of some new spaces to add in some new exciting things we're working on. You heard nothing, Jon Snow, but I certainly didn't mentioned custom keycard readers, quests or npcs. To reflect the new quest structure we'll be implementing, you won't see a WB2 outdoors at RM anymore, but just a level 1 (don't at me!).
  • More Craftables - With a new wipe comes new hidden loot and the new scientist skins look fierce *snaps fingers*. So you can be sure, you'll see these added to your /craft chat command soon!
  • More events - With Vally D just around the corner, you better believe there'll be an event for it in the Valley; also you might just see an Art Competition for all of you out there with the gifts, seeing as you have /sil; and also whatever Panda has planned for you all too!
G7 - Miss

Big Thanks

We'd like to give a big thanks to all our players, but also our graceful benefactors this wipe, who have helped keep the lights on with their generous donations:

  • Will
  • Something
  • минимализаций

Thank you!

All that's left to do is wish you an profitable February Wipe with it's Artic Bases, Polar Bears and own promo code - SVFEB2022.