August 8, 2022

Fast and FuriRUST

Fast and FuriRUST
Photo by Oscar Sutton / Unsplash

By now you've probably seen the notifications every half hour announcing a race is starting. What the hell is all that about?! Well, let Jay Toretto walk you through one of our newest features.

Racing for pink slips!

There are currently 3 racetracks on the map. Two of them are around the inbuilt tracks and the final one (for now) is around the Midlands:



Drift Track

It's a figure 8 on ice....what could go wrong?

Midlands Circuit

Approximately...there might be some traffic on the roads

When the prompt pops up in chat type /race join to be entered int---

"JAYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I don't have a car....whinge whinge whinge.......more whinging................even more how am I supposed to be able to compete?!"

I'm glad you f!cking asked!

As I was saying, by typing /race join you'll be added to the pool of competitors for the next race (if you've got the 100 SVD entry fee). If there are already the max number of people, great, you'll be teleported to your car on the grid. If not, then a countdown will initiate to see if the minimum has been met, if not the race will be cancelled.

"Teleported to a car? What happens to my body? Am I going to be eaten by wolves?"

Probably. So do it from your house to be on the safe si---

"And how do I get back?"

After the race ends, you'll be teleported back to your sleeping bo---

"What about fuel? Do I need to bring that??? And mats to repair the car? and rocket —"



As I was saying, when the race has all its competitors you'll be whisked to your car. You'll get a brief loading screen and then you'll be sleeping in it. Click the mouse to wake up and wait for the timer to tick down and the race to start.

Look you're in a car! It has a GUI!

You'll need to drive through some checkpoints along your race, so don't miss them

Don't miss these otherwise it will all have been for nothing

When you finish you'll be presented with a scoreboard with the placements of all the drivers and you'll see who wo---

"And what do we get?! Gimme gimme gimme"

Winner takes home 250 SVD.

We'll be adding more tracks as the wipe progresses, these won't be limited to just cars, but could also be rhibs, minis, innertubes or even horses!

Photo by Vinayak Sharma / Unsplash

On your marks,

Get Set,