December 7, 2023


Blink and you missed it, where the f did November go?! Well here we are in December, with Christmas on the horizon. Who's put up their tree? Gingerbread house? Well, we probably shouldn't wait that much longer since.. December wipe, baby! Finally we will get to enjoy the advent calendar, gingerbread people and hopefully hunt down some presents once again. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

A Tree in a shipping container, is still a tree!


But before we move on to December, we should have a quick look at what happened in November. Well the server came back in case you missed it! Facepunch released:

  • A gorgeous new deco pack that J made full use of in "The Lodge." Including a new use for bone in the form of weapon shelves.
  • Wire tools are now 69% less annoying when you've made a mistake
  • The underground train signals now let you know when you're about to be womped by a group of 10 barely visible guys down there
  • ....and it now connects to the surface rail system, which we'll see this wipe! 🤤
A stack of ..... ahem well yes...I guess you had to be there!
Singing Fixh?! While we didn't have many fisherpersons this wipe, the catfish enjoyed their afterlives!

While we didn't complete a stack of 9 of each in The Lodge, it was great to see everyone helping out with the deco and mounting heads to the true community spirit!


For those wanting the sea faring life, you can now purchase Tugboats from vendors. These will be located at all the places you'd expect someone selling boats to be:

  • Harbour(s)
  • Ferry Terminal
  • Fishing Villages

It will cost you some resources, but after you've got them it will spawn the boat for you nearby. Tugboats will also only be buyable, much like minis, attack helis and scrappies.

You may even notice some differences, such as the ability to place not just a door, but anything you'd normally be able to fit in a frame:

  • Double doors
  • Garage door
  • Those swing saloon doors, or shop fronts won't give you all that much access but at least your boat will be unique

There are lots of other features that come with the plugin that we'll look to include in future wipes (if/when the author gets back to us). Did someone say pirate raid? or auto-pilot?

Progression Changes

As you will have read in J's post, we are looking to make some changes to progression. We think the new system will be fair and encourage what we love seeing on the server - our beloved community.

It's been great to see vending machines up and running again and you all jetting across the map to trade and help each other out! We look to enhance that by making changes to some of the loot tables.

Not only in Raidable Bases but all the other loot tables around the map. I mean first launcher drop on the server, that's a hot commodity, amiright?

We've also added that weapons and certain items will drop in stacks on 1 in raids to encourage more skin variety for the items. Oh...and testgens now have a chance to drop in the highest difficulties!

SV advent calendar

With Christmas just around the corner, why not have a unique advent calendar stuffed full of goodies from your favourite SV couple? You better watch out because we've been naughty and nice!

This year we're aiming to give you guys an extra Sunset Valley Christmas experience by having our own custom advent calendar. The loot table of the Calendar will be augmented with things that make SV special along with some extra treasure to help you out with the wipe! Don't expect a pistol of Pew in your presents this year though!

Hope Santa doesn't crash his sleigh here!

Player challenges

While you can view all of your stats on just one page with /pc2 that was rolled out to you guys earlier this wipe, the "all time" functionality is still under development as we've got a few more ideas for it.  

Enjoy your wipe!