August 5, 2022

August Wipe

August Wipe
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Just like that July is over, did y'all enjoy the World Map? Where did you settle? Did you manage to explore all the secrets that it had to offer? If not don't worry, the map will be returning in a later wipe with some improvements.

Congrats to Gogrogg for being out playtime leader for July and they'll carry the [Devoted] title through August!

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti / Unsplash

New Wipe. New Map

First time in a long while where we actually had a unanimous vote. As always it was super short notice and y'all had less than a day, but thanks once again for those that did!

Some mfs just want to watch the world burn

On the World Map, the UK was a little small. This time you've got it in full, well obviously not 1:1, but as close as we can come by Rust standards. It's 6k and has a load of custom prefabs and content.

The eagle-eyed amongst you have also noticed a few other changes:

  1. Wondering why you're not getting certain loot from your usual barrels? Well, loot tables have been reorganised. The map rewards exploration, so put on your walking boots and get hiking!
  2. "Where's the sulfur?????!!!!!!" - See point 1 ?
  3. It's a 6K map, that's huge by Sunset Valley terms, so vehicles are recommended. Trains are in progress, they'll run services to the stations on the map on the islands once ready.
  4. Coming soon - Race Events. Want to see who's fastest around the racetracks or a point to point from Bristol to Carlisle? Well, you'll soon be able to.
  5. You can't build on Ireland. The Emerald Isle will remain as it is with all it has to offer. It will take some planning to get in and get out alive with all its bounty...or you could just build a water base off the coast. Whichever floats your goat!
Photo by Peter Vanosdall / Unsplash

Big Thanks

As always, a huge thanks to the generous donations and benefactors that help keep Sunset Valley's light shining from month to month:

  1. BadlyWayne

If you'd like to contribute you can reach out to us on discord or head on over to the shop and see what tickles your fancy!

With that, I'll see you around and hope you enjoy August's Wipe.