June 6, 2024

And now hell begins...

...of course I'm joking, I'm not going to throw you in the deep end just quite yet. Let's get to know each other a bit first.

Post T Sunset V (PTSV)

We're probably all suffering from it, amirite? Therily will be greatly missed by us all and now I need to put on my big boy pants and take charge. Or something like that. I hear it now, "oh fuck not another crossword puzzle of doom to access skill tree or some BS". It's ok, I've mellowed and learnt my lessons so don't expect anything too drastic for the time being.

As you may know, Rust isn't my fulltime job, neither am I developer or work in Tech or something like that, so there will be issues and there everything is <SUBJECT TO CHANGE>. So please please do continue to use Reporting in the discord to report anything that is untoward and feel free to voice your opinion if things are too easy. That said, I do have a vision of what I'm working towards, and have been asking a number of the community on the discord, for ideas on what they'd like to see in upcoming wipes.

Naturally, not everything will make it, but am grateful for any suggestions. So without further ado, let's get into the changes.


These are the immediate changes for June wipe.

Full Change List - June Wipe

❌ One Kill Headshots

🆕 Outpost: Puzzle

🆕 Outpost: Jump Puzzle

🆕 Outpost: 5 New NPCs

🆕 Oxums: Car lift

🆕 Spermket: Car lift

🆕 Event Schedule

🆕 Professions - More on this below

🆕 Collection Log - Think of it like a Pokedex for Rust...a Rustadex

🆕 Injury system

🆕 BBQs on certain Vehicles

🆕 Fridge functionality - Food can only go in fridges

🆕 Automatic Garage Doors

🔽 Skill Tree: Level Cap

🆕 Skill Tree: Prestige System

🆕 Skill Tree: Tree requirements

🆕 Skill Tree: Roguelike

🔼 Skill Tree: Drop rate for XP Items Increased

🆕 Skill Tree: Drops for Skill Points Added

🔼 Bot time to kill

🆕 Quality Crafting system

🆕 Cosmetic Interface changes

Works in Progress

Changes will be implemented during the wipe

🆕 Bots will start to drop loot - if this gets too OP, this function will be reverted.

🆕 Tougher bots will come out to play

Skill Tree - Changes

New level cap is 40, feels low I know, but that's because the prestige system has been implemented. What's prestige? Well hit level cap and you can reset yourself all the way down to 0 again and start over. Well that sounds great.... Oh you also get 10, 20, 30 starting skill points for each time you prestige. Sounds like a fair trade.

Ohhhh yeah, most of the Ultimates or overpowered skills (I'm looking at you full repair!) are now locked behind Prestige 1, so you'll need to get there to be able to use them.

Skill tree is now Roguelike too. If you die, you reset, simple as that. Suicide and falling shouldn't reset you, and you'll need to be actively logged in to lose any progress if you die, so you shouldn't lose it if you're sleeping, but saying this I 100% see this happening. Guess you'll just need to build tough defences!

I really recommend carrying health teas, bandages, med crates, using the team skills and Medical and Combat trees to your advantage.


Jump off something too high, you're probably gonna break a leg and that's probably going to ruin your day until you get it fixed. Reduced to walking speed and taking damage from the intense pain of walking on your crippled limb? That's more like it.

That's just one of the afflictions that you'll face this wipe. There are a lot more dangers out there. Be prepared.

Enough punishment already!

You guys did say you wanted a more difficult Valley...but as a token of faith, the drop rates for XP items has now been increased. Also SP will now drop with a slim chance from certain loot containers too. See it's not all bad!

Outpost Changes

Well hopefully these persist through to next wipe, otherwise I'm gonna have some late nights, but yeah. You've got 5 new NPCs at Outpost.

  • Jobbo - more on them next
  • Skillz - where you'll be going to change your skilltree skills
  • Chad - a generally knowledgable guy with some info on things like the new Event Schedule
  • Airwolf Vendor
  • Hidden
Hey Chad!

I'll be looking to build these out further in subsequent wipes either in a dedicated SV monument like the old Rust Mart or in something else. Speaking of building, there's a small jump puzzle at Outpost now, along with a Red card puzzle (probably the easiest red card puzzle ever), but that was me testing out the annoyance wonderous new feature of being able to add custom entities to Outpost. SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

Professions - Wtf is this?! I play Rust to escape work!

One of the biggest pieces of feedback was how quiet chat is on the Server. This is hopefully a way to address that. You'll need to visit Jobbo - one of the new NPCs at Outpost. They will help you through your job application and get you setup with a job.

"Ok fine, I'll bite. What's this all about"

  • Miner - Has a chance to find gold nuggets while mining, which can be sold to the market for scrap. Miners also gather more resources from nodes. They will also unlock the Mining skill tree.
  • Logger - Has a chance to find Pinecones while chopping trees, which can be sold to the market for scrap. Loggers also gather more resources from trees. They will also unlock the Woodcutting skill tree.
  • Skinner - Has a chance to obtain prime meat while butchering animals, which can be sold to the market for scrap. Skinners also gather more resources from animals. They will also unlock the Skinning skill tree.
  • Weaponsmith - Specializes in crafting weapons from melee swords to guns.
  • Tailor - Specializes in crafting clothing and armour.
  • Electrician - Specializes in electrical components and power sources/storage.
  • Mechanic - Specializes in engine parts and vehicle modules. Also gets access to a quest to unlock car parts by destroying cars at the junkyard (using the magnetic crane & shredder).

So far so good right? Well here's the kicker. The crafters are the only ones who will be able to craft their items without a tax. Let's say Lil Johnny is a Tailor, he can craft hoodies to his hearts content, but an AK, that's going to cost him some scrap, or he can find someone who is employed as a Weaponsmith who can make one for him. Tax rates below:

  • Tier 1: 100
  • Tier 2: 250
  • Tier 3: 1000

If you'd like to change job, then just visit Jobbo and hit the Q(uit) button. This will cost you some scrap to do so, but then you'll be free to get another job.

Nuggets, pinecones and prime meat? Oh right, these bonus items will drop when doing your chosen profession's activities and can be sold at Jobbo for some scrap. The longer you're in a job and the more job xp you acquire then more frequently these will drop.

These values in scrap will be automatically taken if you have it to hand when you try to craft an item, there won't be a warning or confirmation. It will just go. Naturally the rates and rewards will be adjusted as the wipes progress for the fairest possible gameplay. I do hope it will encourage some more community amongst players as they


There's more scrap going, but hopefully this exciting new feature will balance it out with some pretty juicy rewards. What's it all about then?

As you go about your business on the server, you'll start seeing popups when you acquire items for the first time. Pick up some blades. Boom. You've just completed a part of the Components collection. Complete the whole lot and get some rewards, ranging for xp to scrap to weapons or kits. There are quite a few different logs to complete so make sure to use scroll through them (new Rust UI feature).

More and more will be added to this as we progress, with certain trading cards appearing in monument or NPC only loot tables. Or maybe even in Raidbases. Complete your Collections and you'll be leapfrogged ahead of your counterparts with the rewards!

Access it by typing /cl into chat - button in progress!

Item Quality

You'll see a few more icons at the bottom of your screen now too, these are part of the item quality system. Basically the more you craft of a particular item, the better you get at making it and eventually that will come with some bonuses, like better resistances on armour or better damage on weapons. Current thinking is that this will remain across wipes, so you can continue to level it up and use your free resources as you please.

Fun fact of wipe

That definitely won't feature in any future puzzles or form the basis of tests. Each player on SV when they first spawn on the beach has 91 different permissions. Now you know! Your life has been fundamentally altertered!


Big thanks to BadlyWayne for creating a set of icons for our new phone interface! This is where you'll find most of what was in the SV Menu before. You'll need a mobile phone to access it, which you can pick up from Chad at Outpost!

I mean look how fking sexy that is!

You'll also notice some popups in the top right whenever you level up. Also trialling these for when events are live too.

Happy wipe

More changes will be added in subsequent wipes, but for now that should be something different to be getting on with. So I'll wish you a happy wipe!

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