December 5, 2021

Welcome to December!

Welcome to December!

Hey guys!

Welcome to this fresh December wipe! We've been playing on the new server for a couple of days now - hopefully you guys are enjoying it as much as I do. We have been experiencing some issues with broken plugins and lag (due to the update and broken plugins...), but over all I think everything has been running pretty smooth. I'll keep on working with keeping the server as lag free as possible.

During wipe day we were 23 players (online at the same time) that found our way to the new server and a lot more has been joining since.

Sunset Valley 2.0

There has been some updates and adds along the way (remover tool updated, horse claims and vehicle locks added).

Raidable bases will only be available in the metal version for now, since they changed what was possible with the free version. The paid version is 50 USD + extensions, which is.. A bit much. I will however look into the possibility to find other ways.

The player challenges (/pc) seems to challenge you guys to claim the coolest titles and some of your scores are insanely high. Well done, guys!

Since there are a lot of changes made to the server, please make sure to re-read the rules.

I have added a PVP arena in grid o25 if you feel like releasing some steam. Entering here will be at your own risk and if you lose your stuff - they're gone.

MOD Squad

MOD Squad will be here for you answering questions most of the time now since breaking stuff etc. isn't on the table anymore.

Arriving in MOD Squad this wipe:


Leaving in MOD Squad this wipe:




I'm really happy you chose to follow me over to the new server. I've seen so many familiar faces - even from a lot of wipes ago. Thank you for continuing to choose Sunset Valley <3

There will be an extra server update on December 16th when I will need to restart the server around 20:00 CET so that we can enjoy the Christmas stuff Rust has to offer. This isn't a wipe or anything, just a heads up I will restart the server and this should take about 10 minutes.

If you have any suggestions etc. about the new server (now that you actually have been able to try it out) - post them in #ideas channel on Discord and I will look into it. I will however try to keep the plugins to a minimum and the server as vanilla as possible.

Yours truly,