January 8, 2022

Welcome to January

Hey guys and welcome to this lovely smell of a fresh wipe!

Christmas stuff is finally back in the closet (not with Panda) and Santa is back at the North Pole working on his list for next Christmas. I hope you guys had a nice holiday and that you are going to have an amazing 2022.

Wipe night

As @Panda mentioned, we were 46 players online in total during wipe night. Now, two days later our player count is at 72 players. Amazing and thank you so much guys!

We're seeing a lot of stuff on the map now that we usually don't. A lot of recyclers, personal mining quarries and pump jacks, all thanks to the 12 days of Chrustmas. Good job staying online during the holidays!

We had a few updated plugins, but over all this wipe went really smooth and better than expected. One of the plugins that had an update was Raidable Bases. Now they are back up again and  Jay's plugin that adds the Raidable bases to /pc is also back on track. Great job!

What's up this wipe?

Twitch drops

January Twitch drops started yesterday and will be on for the next week. Which one is your favorite?

Sunset Valley birthday party

Since this is our anniversary wipe we decided to try something different this wipe and we ended up with a custom map with some nice added monuments, Airships (easy and hard ones), a barge, rebel camp and Sunset Diner.

My own custom built monument, Sunset Diner.

I can't believe it has been a year since Tycane and I first started this server. A lot has happened since but Sunset Valley is going strong and we are looking forward to a fun year. But first, we need some cake and to celebrate this we will have an event on week 2 (Jan 15th) to celebrate. Ofc there will be more info coming up, but make sure to clear your schedule and suit up!  It's gonna be a night to remember!

There will be more events this wipe, but this is what I will let you in on so far...

Have a great wipe!

Yours sincerely,