October 11, 2022

Update to Skill Tree

Update to Skill Tree

Tonight there has been an update to the (in)famous Chad Skill Tree, and three more skills have been added. Omg, what now?! A hammer, a backpack and some weird thing called depo? How could that ever be useful?

Infinite use of Remover Tool

Yes! You read that correctly! It's finally happening! If you mess up, use your scrolling wheel or just forgot to remove something, now click the remove button once more and you can just continue using it. And as cheap as one skill point? Did I hear a slow clap?

Yes, cost is still the same regardless, you still need to think a little bit when building ;)

More backpack space

Omg! Another six slots of backpack space? KATSHING! What are you gonna do with 12 slots of free bag space?

Well, We've also upgraded the single collection and all of the donation privileges with one row each - now the HQM privilege gives you 8(!!) rows of bag space.

How could you possibly fill up 8 rows of backpack space? Believe me - it's possible....

SV Deposit service

Last but not least... How many of you have ever dreamed about just opening a box and POOF - all your shit will find it's place? Is that even possible? Oh yes, baby!

OMG! Let me in on the secret!?

So.. what you do is you start with putting stuff in your boxes. The next time you come around and wanna depo the same stuff that are in the boxes you do /depo (there will be a button for this as well) and then open the box and it will search for items in the box and will deposit items that are already stored in the box.

Here I have scrap and wood, that I want to deposit to my TC. I do /depo and open my TC and bam! Loot transferred. Like magic! Not even a cooldown!

Since we're making a change to the skill tree, we will also be refunding the skill points. Enjoy!