April 23, 2022

Update Raidable Bases

Update Raidable Bases

Hey guys,

Loot tables

It's been a few months since we updated the loot tables in our raidbases and I thought it was time for an update. This, mainly to balance out the loot between the different difficulties which I noticed wasn't always totally fair.

I have also added the chance of getting duct tape in the hard, expert and nightmare bases to give you guys an alternative to buy them from RustMart.

Base spawning

Since a lot of people seem to experience lag around the bases I have decreased the amount spawning bases across the map (and since you guys only have to wait 5 minutes after a finished raid for a base do despawn and a new one to spawn I figured this shouldn't really be an issue).

MLRS usage

Yes, you read that correctly. It is actually possible to use MLRS rockets when raiding now. Hurrayyyy - right?! Finally some good use for those rockets! It will lock the base to you and your team as usual, but to finish the raid you must empty the loot boxes (same as always). I might also have put some rockets and aiming modules in the loot tables, just for the lolz ^^

It might take a few rockets, but it does A LOT of damage :D

Since the updates (everything but MLRS raiding - that works now) needs a reload of the plugin, I will just let it update when the server restarts tomorrow morning (Sunday).

Have a nice day!