November 13, 2023



Do you ever feel like your team mate is getting on your last nerve and wish to show them you've had enough? A lot of people have occationally been asking for the possibility to damage/kill their own team mates for a bit of fun *looks at anyone who's ever teamed up with ALI*. Well, here you have it. I've finally worked out friendly fire and a way for you guys to get the PVP kill and longest PVP kill.

How does it work?

Since we can't have people killing each other across the map it is restricted to teams, so make sure to chose your team carefully, and of course - don't be an ass to people.

If you kill them when they sleep their stuff will despawn and will not be replaced. I'm trusting you guys with this - please don't exploit it.

And if you feel like this isn't your cup of tea.. Well, you can always continue as before and simply not kill 😊

Yours truly,