November 25, 2021

PvP Event

PvP Event

Hey guys!

It’s time for yet another PVP event! This time the event will take place in W14 on the lovely map of ours. The event will start on November 27th 10:00 CET and will only last for 12 hours.

New for this wipe is that you guys need to come naked. Materials and weapons will be spawned in for you in a supply building within the area (this so it will be equal for everyone and so that even new players will be able to join). You guys need to use these items to build and craft with and if you need more supplies you need to grind it within the PVP area.


  • Compounds are allowed
  • No size limitations
  • Only one base per team
  • Weapons that aren't craftable aren't allowed.
  • The wrapped gift must be kept inside the base in an accessible place. It isn't allowed to hide the wrapped gift in a stash.

Team size: 1-3 players

Basically, this will be like a Rust PVP speed run event this wipe. The wrapped gifts will also be in the supply building. Killing won't be allowed for the first 15 minutes of the event since everyone should be able to get out of the supply building with their wrapped gifts before getting a rock through their skull.

The spectator tower is up as usual, this wipe it's right by the entrance to the PVP area.

Good luck!