February 9, 2022

Kill zone

Kill zone

Hey guys!

As we've been discussing in Discord the PvP area on the map is now set up on the island AA25-AB25. You will get a message in chat when entering/leaving the set up area.

The area itself is indestructable, which means you can't destroy the towers, walls, barricades etc. that are placed in the area even if you tried. You can't build in the area either - this to keep it fair to everyone. It's not fair if a few people got big ass bases and others got nothing - right?

As always, we don't loot eachother and I stealing each other's stuff is still bannable even in this zone. Think of this more of a nice add to blow each other's brains out once in a while. Don't be 'THAT' guy - be kind and let people back to their bodies so that the fun can continue (:

I've put up a few places for you guys to respawn, right outside the PvP area.

I have set the zone to keep vehicles out - so if your mini's are bouncing, this is why. It's better to lock your mini at a safe place outside the area.

People inside the area can't kill people outside - the rest of you are completely safe and don't have to worry.

Have fun and be nice to each other!

If you have other suggestions to make this even more fun - please reach out to me and I'll have a look!

Yours truly,