November 4, 2021

October 2021 review

October 2021 review

Hey guys!

Welcome to this absolutely amazing blog of mine and Sunset Valley! This wipe we had a lovely Halloween month with loads of new players arriving in Sunset Valley – welcome guys! We started off strong on Oct 7th with 28 eager players and everything was running as smooth as one can expect during a wipe day. During the wipe we’ve had a few events going on (see summaries below) and we even got a weird Stone of Wisdom making crazy sacrifice demands that @Nicole and @Dani has been doing their absolute best to keep up with. On Oct 28th FacePunch released their Halloween update with the Frankenstein Table and ofc the candy hunt, which @Lexi has been slaying completely! Even RUSTMART got a bit spookier.

As you remember, we had some issue with the host mid wipe and the server was down for a couple of hours since they deleted our entire config file in a try to move it in their catalogue and failed miserably. I am super grateful for all of your support and patience during that time. I really appreciate it!


This wipe we’ve had a couple of fun events. We started off with the Amazing Maze, where people had to travel through about a thousand garage doors to find their path.

We’ve also had a fun water race where the players had to go around the island in the south east using different kind of vehicles. This seemed to be highly appreciated among the players. Well except for the ending where they saw a sign asking them if they had paid attention along their path. The four numbers they should’ve paid attention to was the code to a code locked box with loot inside. Lucky winner of this event was @Bramleo.

This wipe we also tried a build off with the sweet price of getting your own recycler for the rest of the wipe. There were 4 teams entering the competition and winning was our one and only @GhostGirl (community vote on Discord) with her lovely contribution below.

This wipe’s PVP event definitely had less building limitations compared to the latest wipes. I added some raidbases as well to spice it up a bit. Since there aren’t a lot of teams joining this event there will be a remake for the next wipe. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for this one! But lets not skip the important part of the event – the winners: @MadaManu and @Grizzly0109!

Congratulations to all of our winners this wipe! For those of you that didn’t quite make it all the way – you will get a new chance during the November wipe.

This wipe I was finally able to rebuild the original idea of Sunset Valley. Ty and I actually came up with this idea on another server and it was sooo many shops connected all together with one TC. Not sure if this will be a regular thing every wipe, but it will pop up eventually. I mean, this wipe it was pretty neat to be able to sell you guys some Halloween stuff for the build off. Well, amongst other things. Also the hotel got ALOT spookier than the last time it saw the face of the earth.

Pop max: 44

Bans: 43

News this wipe

Obviously, this amazing blog and webpage! This is absolutely awesome and will be a perfect way for you guys to keep yourselves updated what’s going on in the Valley.

We got a new plugin that empties crates after 30 seconds if people don't loot everything inside them so that they can respawn.

This month me and the MOD Squad have been trying out this tool called RustAdmin Online. Earlier I’ve just had the free trial version but for MOD Squad to be able to moderate the server fully, this is worth every cent to be able to keep an even safer community. This doesn’t require us to be online on the actual server 24/7 but can closely monitor it from pretty much wherever.

Another new thing for us this wipe is the Sunset Valley BOT, as you can see in Discord. This bot is used by me and the MOD Squad to be able to monitor the console when we're around but not around.

Arriving in MOD Squad this wipe:


Leaving in MOD Squad this wipe:


I am looking for adds in the MOD Squad. If you're interested, please contact me on Discord and I'll see if you're the right person for the job.

News for next wipe:

Next wipe I will be celebrating my birthday on the server and there will be a chance for really juicy loot the third weekend of November. You might have to fight a bit for it though (I mean, I am a scorpio after all…), but I promise you guys lots of fun!

There will be Twitch drops this month, starting November 20th at 6:00 PM UTC and lasts until November 27th at 6:00 PM UTC.

For FacePunch releases for the upcoming wipe I recommend you looking into their devblog and Rustafied's Twitch stream.

See ya on the other side!