January 8, 2023

Vending machine refill

Vending machine refill

As for our previous post you know we've been modded for over a year now, we've added and removed a tonne of different plugins and personally, I've had A LOT of trial and error. Some have been noticed, some haven't.

The latest removal seems to have been noticed faster than my fingers can type poop and we were able to blog about it, but here it is 🥳

Reset refilling timers

Even though I can't remember the exact date of me removing the refilling timers at Bandit Camp and Outpost, I do remember the reason for it.

So, let's go back about a year to see where I'm actually getting at. You've just joined the server on a fresh wipe. You want to build that grand castle you've always dreamed of but.. You need wood. Lots of wood. Then you remember... You can trade resources at outpost. So you go out. You mine more stones than you can carry and then you got to Outpost and you traded your stone for wood and after that you build your base.

This means that yeah, the idea of this being a thing was to remove the timers on the vending machines on Outpost to being able to trade one building material to another. The rest of the vending machines (both NPC's because they count as a vending machine as well) were never meant to auto refill.

Don't worry, this guy won't lose his job!

Making fertilizer trading an exception in the plugin has been an ongoing discussion of ours for quite a while now, but before we did, we wanted to implement other loot possibilities, giving you guys the opportunity to gain those fine pieces of scrap in other ways, such as being able to find scrap in a lot more loot containers and being able to open a lot more crates when doing events.

For the last few weeks we've been doing some experimenting to see how far we've reached and felt like we've finally hit that sweet spot now after evaluating how the new events have affected the balancing and that it was time for us to implement the change.

Oh, crap?

I would like us all to bear in mind that it's still possible to trade. You can still gain scrap from this. It's still a pretty fair deal - a bit more vanilla - but it also allows you to play and enjoy the game ❤️

Did you know that you can also SAVE your hard earnt scrap by finding certain buyable items out in the wild?

To summarise, although this shop at Bandit Camp this shop has reverted to vanilla settings you can still gain scrap from these additional sources:

  • Regular events (Harbour, Greta's Goblins, SV Power, SVSS)
  • Additional loot sources (cardboard boxes, electrical units, trash cans etc.)
  • Buyable events (Raidable bases, cargo)