April 8, 2022

New wipe, new possibilities

New wipe, new possibilities

Hey all,

Welcome to the new wipe! This month is easter and I bet there will be an egghunt for us to enjoy. This means there will be another server update for me to do so one evening next week I'm gonna have to borrow the server for a while.

So... Wipe night. Didn't really go as expected (or maybe everyone was expecting some sort of f*ck up?) and I had to BP wipe as well, even though it wasn't a forced BP wipe. We weren't the only server that had to do this either... People were not that happy about it, but hey - we got something more to do ^^

Other than that I know that some of you have experienced some lag, crashes etc. If you are, try updating the game to the latest version and validate your game files. This isn't a server issue and unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about it.

What's new this wipe then? Well, except for the obvious Facepunch stuff and the unintentional BP wipe we now have a PvP area at Dome. This, since the amount of players wanting PvP in monuments were higher than the ones that didn't want it so we thought we'd try it, but keep it to a smaller monument. This means you can kill each other - BUT you still don't have the possibility to loot other players. Due to the radiation you might wanna keep another hazmat suit nearby though...

Update on the raidable bases - you should now be able to raid them with MLRS rockets. Yes, there is finally some use for the rockets and I bet that AMB will get a few more visits this wipe. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Last wipe we had a raidbase contest which was won by Master69Wolf and his very nice looking base (yeah, I think we all know the shape by now ^^) and is currently being processed by Panda. I bet it will be hell when it's done. Great job and congratulations! It should be added into the pool of raidbases later this wipe.

Now it's time for me to get back to my bag of crisps and enjoy a nice PvP show at dome.

Happy easter!