November 12, 2021

Migration update

Migration update
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp / Unsplash

As I've told you in a previous post I got a new host for the server and I have come quite far with the migration, now there is a lot of testing and settings to make and we will be ready for next wipe.

The biggest update I will make will be turning Sunset Valley into a modded server. Before you guys freak out completely you should know that Sunset Valley will never be a heavily modded server. These changes are to make our beloved Valley an even safer place (+ease up on the admin and moderator work load) and it will give you guys a bit more freedom.  

  1. The server will be using a plugin that prevents building damage. This to keep you all safe from raiders at all times. You can C4 twig as much as you want to - Nothing will happen. But how will you be able to break your walls?
  2. Well, that's where this come in handy. You will be granted a remover tool and will be able to break a couple of walls per hour by yourself for a small cost.
  3. An info panel telling you if Cargo, Bradley, attack heli and a supply drop is up.
  4. An in game clock will now be available!

There will be a few more things, but this is what I will be letting you in on at this point. The server will pretty much run as it is right now - raidbases and all!

I also want to remind you guys about the upcoming BP wipe which is a FacePunch force wipe - nothing we can do about it. This is why I'm doing my best getting the new server ready on time so that we won't have to have BP wipes two months in a row. So far I'm on schedule!

Have a great weekend!