November 22, 2021

Migration update

Migration update
Photo by Gabriel Heinzer / Unsplash

Hey guys!

This (or actually last week's...) Friday update is here to inform you what's going on. Last week was crazy with planning for all the events happening this weekend and I apologize for this late update. Now it's starting to get closer and closer to our exciting December forced blueprint wipe. Everything is still according to plan and I wanted to update you on what is going on.

Player Challenges

To spice things up a bit I have chosen to add a plugin called Player Challenges. This is nothing dangerous, but simply statistics and the top one in each group gets a very nice chat prefix (see in green below). To see the leaderboard, type /pc in chat.


So, the thing that is actually taking me some serious time to configure and rebuilding is the raidbases. Yes, I'm rebuilding them to adapting them to this new system. So what will the difference be then? Starting next wipe the..

  • ...bases will now spawn by themselves.
  • ...bases will now despawn by themselves after 3 hours. This means - be sure to bring enough boom. There will be a timer telling you how many minutes you got left. The raidbases will also despawn by server restart.
  • ...boxes in the bases will no longer have locks on them. However, you will have to reach TC to be able to loot the base.
  • ...main loot will now be completely randomized.
  • and yellow RAID-signs will be gone. Instead there will be a message when you enter the raid zone.
  • ...There might or might not be scientists guarding the raidbases.

No more stealing

There will now be plugins controlling furnaces, boxes etc from getting looted by other players. The only exception will be team mates and me and MOD Squad.

Hope that you guys are as excited as I am!