April 25, 2023

"Mid" Wipe updates

"Mid" Wipe updates

As most of you might have noticed SV has had a few nice updates giving us more visual functionality with the ammo hud, damage hitmarkers and now chat notifications top of the screen, monument locks have also had an update.


These will notify you top screen (underneath your compass) showing both monument locks and events.

Since we've understood it can sometimes be rather tricky trying to catch up on chat and what you need to do on the events, there is a command you can do, /n (will soon be a button in a menu near you 🥳) that will give you a bit of history as well.

Time stamp is server time (GMT)

Good job @beee with the work on this plugin!

Monument Lock

We have now made a big update for monument locks. The plugin have gone through a major change and there has been a few changes. First of all, it now works with the custom monuments as well, which is super nice. It still doesn't work with heli, cargo or Brad (the last will be locked since inside Launch anyway though) since those are events rather than monuments.


⬆️ Custom monuments are now included in the plugin.
⬆️ All monuments are now set to an activity timer (90 seconds) rather than just moving things in your inventory, so if you die, you still have 90 seconds to get back to the monuments even when you move things in your inventory (you can gear up again) without the monument unlocking and someone else hogging your dead corpse. Yes, the timer is set rather low but that is because it doesn't count if you do actions outside the monument until after the time has passed.

⬆️ To unlock a monument leave it and wait for the timer to expire. After you leave the timer starts ticking and when you move things after 90 seconds it unlocks the monument. However, this means you can't start looting a new monument within 90 seconds after leaving the old one.

Known bugs that we've experienced so far:

🛑 When we tested, it seems like teams can only do one monument at a time, which we have raised to the author because.. That's not how we wanna play, right? Hopefully there will be a fix soon.


Parachutes 2nd level has been reduced ⬇️ from 15 seconds -> 1 second.


Titles now work for Actic Research Base event and Sat Dish event 🥳

We Love Y'all!

Even though it may not always seem like it!

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